In America, it’s nothing out of the ordinary that American homes display an American flag. There’s something unique about the American flag, which is a unique element of the nation and it represents a bold symbol of national freedom and pride. Nowadays, citizens of U.S. feel quite passionate about their country, and the best way they can show off their love for their country is by displaying handcrafted wooden wall art flags in their home.

It’s a common trend to see homes highlighting a Betsy Ross, Old Glory flag, or An Appeal to Heaven flag in their home, but what’s the significance of having these in an interior space? Does it represent something, or have a meaning? People often use these flags in their homes for a plethora of reasons, and not simply for the case of beautification. Several people spend many hours designing flags of the best quality for their home simply because it’s a way of portraying the love they have for their country and the people.

If you plan to buy one of these impressive wall art décors for your home, here is what you should know about the reasons why you should consider having them.

1. A Rich Historical Past of America

Yes, regardless of a country, the aim of choosing flags is to reflect the country’s historical past. The same goes for America. When you display this flag in your home, it’s more about displaying the features or symbols on it and showing their true meaning. For example, the flag with 13 white and red stripes simply signifies 13 colonies. Other countries also follow this trend and they have these in quadrants, which simply represent something or the other. However, having this flag shows respect for each colony.

2. To Honor the Battles of the Past

It’s nothing new to know but in battle times in the past, the act of raising the flag was something common. However, there are some countries that prefer to use various flags for battle rather than the time of peace. On the other hand, the use of the American flag also signifies all of the past efforts of soldiers who spent their time fighting for their country. In any home, if you invest in American Echoes flags, this represents the symbol of freedom and highlights any interior décor.

It’s possible the development of the flag proceeded a long time ago, and army men had these flags to help their own in tough war times. It’s actually possible because, at the time of war when the air has dust all around, soldiers found this a major challenge to stick to their group and to find their own people, they would look up above to the sky and search for any signs of country flags waving to them. This was responsible to get their fellow soldiers back to them at the times of war.

3. Connects to Love

The good thing about the American flag is that it receives so much respect and love that the American citizens equate this to immense love for their country. Even though this flag has various versions, the blue, red, and white banners always remain intact. Displaying these in homes, businesses, and offices is always a way to highlight each of these. Each of the states has their own characteristics, and you can consider investing in these types of state flags for your home. It’s simply a way to show that you love America and respect it.

4. Signifying Hope

As mentioned above, having these in homes, offices, or schools represents your love for your country, as well as stands out as a cultural icon. In addition, it signifies or represents a tribute to the aftermath effects of attacks like that of 9/11. These unify a country and it shows that people will need to stand well together and fight for what’s actually right. This flag also shows that citizens of America are more like a team.

For most Americans, this is more like a symbol of pride, hope, and freedom. The reason behind this is the fact that after the 9/11 incidence, the flag was still soaring high between the dust, creating a form of hope for the people that things will get back on track, and the country will get back up, regardless of the adversity that comes its way.  Today, most countries across the globe also turn to the American flag for the same hope and inspiration. In history, what once was a banner celebrating America’s freedom, now transforms into an icon that represents diplomacy for the world.

When you have a wooden American flag in your home, note that each color on it will also have something to signify, and red in this case means hardiness and valor, blue is for perseverance, justice, and vigilance. However, the color white is perfect for purity and innocence.

Published by Alyssa Moylan