In a time of heightened concern about the risks associated with digital communication, when hardly a month goes by without another high profile hack, data breach, or case of corporate espionage hitting the headlines, many businesses are turning to high-tech tools in order to protect the confidentiality of their internal communications. One of the most powerful is encryption, which uses powerful algorithms and cutting-edge security software to ensure that email exchanges are safe from even the most sophisticated forms of digital surveillance. 

There are many benefits of an encrypted messaging platform and every company will have its own particular reasons for adopting encryption software to protect its communications, but here are the four most important reasons to consider making encrypted smartphones part of your communication strategy:

1. Surveillance Is Only Getting Worse

One of the biggest news stories in recent years has been the revelation of just how widespread online surveillance has become. Due in part to the sheer volume of personal information shared voluntarily via email, social media, and SMS, and in part to the fact that many aspects of digital communications are only just become subject to law and regulation, we are living in a golden age of surveillance by governments, corporate data harvesters, and cyber criminals.

2. Encryption Is The Only Way To Guarantee Confidentiality

As people have become aware of the risks associated with being online, there has been a proliferation of digital privacy tools intended to protect ordinary Internet users from everything from spyware to identity theft. But due to the speed at which digital innovation occurs, the only sure-fire way to guarantee that no one is reading your emails is encryption, for the simple reason that encryption is predicated not on keeping surveillance out, but on making it impossible for surveillance organs to read the messages they intercept. 

3. Encryption Cannot Be Hacked

The electronic age may have brought a new range of security threats, but it has also made possible levels of mathematical encryption that would have been unimaginable a century ago. There are several types of encryption available, but the most cutting-edge options, like ChatMail Secure’s proprietary CAMP protocol, encompass several different kinds, including PGP and Elliptical Curve Cryptography. Services like ChatMail provide next generation protection, guaranteeing that messages encrypted using the CAMP protocol are impervious to even the most sophisticated hacking tools.

4. Encryption Has Never Been So Easy To Use

Historically, one of the main reasons why corporations and individuals have chosen not to encrypt their communications is because of a perception that encryption software is difficult to use. Traditionally, there has been some truth to this: for a long time, sending emails using encryption programs was more complicated than simply sending an instant message or firing off a text. But there have been huge advancements made to everything from encryption software interfaces to generation and storage of electronic keys, which have made encryption much more accessible.

In the current climate of surveillance and cyber crime, there are many reasons to consider adopting tighter security protocols around communication. Cyber crime is estimated to cost $1.5 trillion globally a year, while corporate espionage and government surveillance can have less quantifiable but even more far-reaching impacts. For many businesses, adopting encryption software is the best way to guarantee the highest levels of confidentiality, and to preserve the privacy of all information shared internally and externally. And with new, more user-friendly encryption software now on the market, it is possible to embrace encryption without having to forego functionality.

Published by Ann Simpson