I have loved to play with makeup since I was 7 years old which made me realize by 15 that I should pursue a career in make-up business hence I attended a makeup uddannelse (education) school to become a professional makeup artist and learned a great deal about makeup.

After spending hours for learning about the art of morphology, the color theory, day makeup, night makeup, bridal makeup, and older makeup, I can finally say that I am a makeup artist confident about my makeup artistry skills.

Below I have shared some secrets which they taught us at the makeup school.

1. Do Not Go Cheap on Makeup Tools:

A professional makeup artist cannot go cheap when it comes to purchasing makeup tools as those are the brushes which will aid you in painting the right makeup and on the canvas,  which is your client's face. To apply makeup like a pro, good quality tools will help you do it much easier than cheap ones. The professional and big names in the makeup industry have not reached those heights by using cheap makeup tools hence if you wish to reach those heights, start from the makeup basics and buy tools that are of the best quality.

2. Mix Primer with Foundation:

Yeah, if you are surprised to hear this, even I was when I learned about it. This secret is something you must never have heard of but it really works. Mixing primer and foundation blends better with the skin and the face would not look caked on by foundation. For oily skin, use a damp sponge to blend it with the skin and for dry or combination skin, you can use a foundation brush to buff it on the skin. This technique will give you a long-lasting look.

3. Apply Your Eyeline the Right Way:

Most people struggle to apply eyeliners without any bumps but me being a makeup artist also could not do it perfectly which bothered me. Makeup school taught me the right way to do it which is not to draw the line in one motion, instead, start from the inner corner of the eyes till the center and stop, reload and start again from the center till the end. Viola, you will be able to apply perfect eyeliner hereafter.

4. Fill Your Eyebrows to Look Real:

Women use pencils to fill eyebrows but most of them fail to make it look real. The real technique is to use a color which is lighter than the color of your brows so that it looks real. If you are using a pencil, then apply more pressure at the bottom of the brow and release some of the pressure as you reach the top and use small strokes to give it a natural look. If you are using powder then the technique changes, you will have to start from the outer end of the eyebrow, opposite to the direction of the hair to give it a natural finish.

There is nothing like the perfect makeup tutorial as various artists use various techniques but knowing the inside secrets to some of the best makeup techniques can really make a difference as a makeup artist.

Published by Zoe Sewell