It is not just movie stars and music artists that smoke weed, the world of sports is also littered with stars blazing up and taking a hit on an incredibowl packed full of cannabis. Check out all these stars past and present that got busted

Michael Phelps - Gold Medal Swimmer

Here we have one of the most famous of the professional athletes that smoke weed. Michael Phelps had a controversial pot-smoking outing back in 2009 after the record-breaking Olympian was caught on video smoking a bong. While the bong-ripping extravaganza certainly caught the ire of the public at the time, it’s pretty unlikely people would take much issue with it in today’s legal-weed climate. It’s not like a little bit of the green stuff got in the way of Phelps winning a world record 28 gold medals.

Matt Barnes of Golden State Warriors

The GSW won last year with Matt Barnes smoking before games. He said it himself that 6 hours before every game, he smokes Cannabis. This is his grooming routine, he would practice shooting in the morning, come home and smoke a bit, sleep, shower, then eat and play afterward.

After his retirement last June, the 38-year-old star said in an interview with BBC sport that cannabis is now a trend despite the fact that this substance is banned in NBA.

In the young age of 14, the former NBA player admits that Cannabis is already a part of his life though he never accepted that he is being addicted to the said substance.

Nate Diaz - UFC

Nate Diaz puts former foe Conor McGregor to shame when it comes to puffing.

Diaz may have taken his love for weed a step too far, however, when he decided to start vaping in the middle of a press conference.

He did avoid suspension, so perhaps he was just toeing the line. Diaz was also seen smoking a joint on live television, so if you were a little confused about UFC’s lax marijuana rules, look no further than Diaz’s exploits to prove their laisez-faire attitude when it

Steve Kerr - professional coach

On a podcast (CSN Bay Area), the coach of Warriors Mr. Steve Kerr frankly admitted that he smokes Cannabis to treat his back pains. Kerr has told Monte Poole (host) that he might be dealing with some trouble after what he will say but he said it anyway. He said that he tried smoking the substance last year twice. Afterward, he said he smoked half of it to treat his chronic illness.

He has no reason to worry about this though because it wouldn’t be an issue in states like California anymore. Either medical or for recreational use, marijuana or Cannabis is now open for everyone in the said state.

Football Players Were Caught and Got Punished

Now, football players got punished for smoking Cannabis. Sports stars Bernard Lama, Chris Armstrong, Ibrahim Tanko, Mbulelo Mabizela, and Wilder Medina all got punished for one reason, for smoking Cannabis. The Final Verdict - Legal or not, the benefits of smoking Cannabis must not be relied on. This substance can be relaxing but before you know it, you are already dragged to being addicted to the said substance.

Published by Edna Francis