The passing of a loved one is never a simple ordeal. Not only are you upset at the loss of someone you care for, but you also need to consider those who were even closer to that person than you were.

Whether you’re able to attend the funeral or not, sympathy flowers are always a good choice. It’s really hard to come up with the words necessary to console those who are currently hurting from their loss. That’s because there are no words that will bring back what they have lost.

Your words and your actions can, however, help someone feel a bit better. On top of that, sympathy flowers honor the one who passed on. There are plenty of reasons why you should prepare some.

There’s a certain etiquette that must be followed when sending sympathy flowers, especially if you’re sending them in place of attending the funeral. In this article, we’ll give you the four NEVERs that you should be aware of before preparing your sympathy flower arrangement.

Read on if you want to know how to send sympathy flowers the right way!

#1 NEVER Use a ‘Happy’ Flower Arrangement

There are certain flower arrangements that are meant for celebrations and then others that are for consolation. There’s no exact rulebook for which flower arrangement is which, but there’s a general understanding of the difference when you look at said arrangement.

There are some flower arrangements that just look happy. There are others that don’t. Typically, you should pick arrangements with only a few colors. Brightly colored flower arrangements aren’t normally used for sympathy flowers.

Your arrangement should also be quite simple in nature. A typical tied bouquet is the safest approach. Getting fancy with a sympathy flower arrangement will only distract the receiver from their purpose; to console them.

#2 NEVER Send Sympathy Flowers Without a Message

One of the worst things you can do, other than nothing at all, is send sympathy flowers without a message. Anyone can put a bouquet together and pop them off to a funeral home. It takes effort and time to write a heartfelt message for those the departed has left behind.

The receiver will appreciate your message as much or more than the sympathy flowers.

Take your time and make sure the message is straight from your heart. Think about the person or people who your message is for as you write it. Remember, the message is for those who are still here as much as it is for the departed soul.

#3 NEVER Buy Cheap Flowers!

Anyone who looks for cheap deals on sympathy flowers should get their morals checked! Of course, if you’re having money troubles at present, it is okay to buy a smaller arrangement, but the flowers should still be good flowers.

Remember, this will be the very last thing you do for this person. No matter how much you hate to spend money, make an exception for occasions such as this. If you really can’t afford a good arrangement, try ask around to see if your neighbors have some decent flowers. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

#4 NEVER Forget Who You’re Making the Sympathy Arrangement for

Take the person you are making this sympathy flower arrangement for into account as well. Did they have a favorite color? Perhaps they have a favorite type of flower?

Whatever their preferences, make your sympathy flower arrangement based on it. Doing so will personalize your arrangement. It will mean so much more to those who receive them if you have taken the time to do this. Also, head on over to to make your sympathy arrangements.

You don’t have to just use one type of flower either. You can have several kinds in your arrangement. The key flower should be the one that you have personalized. Whoever you are buying the flowers from can help you to figure out which others to use with it.

These are the four NEVERs to remember when sending sympathy flowers. You must be very careful not to forget any of these when you do so. Sympathy flowers are a highly delicate thing. They can either console the family members who are currently hurting or make them feel worse if you do it wrong.

At the end of the day, so long as your heart is in the flowers and the well-written message that goes with it, they should appreciate your efforts. Be thankful that such a process is possible and that you are one of the people who is willing to take the time to do this. Perhaps, when your time comes, your loved ones will do the same for you!

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