If I'd a nickel for each time I've been asked to share with someone the main element to getting fit I'd be living on some island being fed grapes (organic of course) by a variety of very attentive and exceptionally formed females. This however isn't my reality. Therefore, I will do my best to answer the question for you.

Given the question, "what is the main element to getting fit," there are always a few things we should take into consideration.

- No matter science, everyone defines physical fitness differently based by themselves preferences. 
- There are numerous ways to achieve any element of physical fitness I'm just discussing a couple. 
- You should know what the 5 primary components of physical fitness are as determined by science. 
- All "keys" to physical fitness require ongoing effort on the the main person getting back in shape.

Once we have determined these things we are able to get on with discussing just a couple ways I am aware you can enhance your fitness level in a hurry. To be exact, I'm going to talk about four (4) components of advice I will give pretty much anyone wanting to obtain easily fit in the shortest possible time.

So without further delay here goes!

1. Sprint often - if you are running, mowing the lawn, jump roping or scaling an extremely tall tree, take action with maximal intensity. Of course this reduces enough time you place into the experience, but the entire physiology of the experience will benefit you more as well. Having said this, I ought to probably explain that last statement. If you're wanting to operate a marathon or swim to Tahiti, my previous statement is an overall lie. However if you need to be strong, powerful, energetic, lean and muscular then my statement is right on the cash (give me my nickel - another grape please). Those who sprint as a fundamental part of these training are muscular, lean and powerful. If that you don't believe me, just type "track sprinter" into Google images and see what kinds of physiques you find. On the other hand, people who do cross country, lower intensity exercise (long distance running, biking etc.) are generally thin, less muscular and have a general less well-rounded physique. You can type "endurance athlete" into Google images if you like. While I tend to appreciate both forms of fitness activity and both forms of physique I admit, that sprinter's physiques look more like what my idea of a healthy body image is. When you desire a body that is functional, strong, powerful, lean and vibrant, reach sprinting!

2. Reduce Grains and Dairy - luckily this tip is beginning to take root and are more accepted in the fitness world. Main point here; our bodies weren't made to ingest grain products nor dairy from non-human animals. Cow's milk, goat's milk, any milk other than human milk was designed for the babies of the species, not for you and I. While human milk was designed for us to drink, even it was only supposed to be ingested during infancy. Once we are able to eat, chew and handle our own food we're meant to consume the phenomenally nourishing things the planet earth provides us naturally. Grains exist in great amounts because our starving ancestors in the past in the day figured out that growing some wheat, rye or oats and carrying it around in a sack was easier than chasing down a rabbit or rooting around for walnuts during a snow storm. Luckily we aren't so hard-up for nourishment these days. If you're a starving mess, then by all means, load through to the milk and bread. Heck, if you're truly starving, eat anything you can find! But if fitness is your goal and not merely surviving, then scale back on the grains and dairy. They're hard on the body, they are not easily digested, the majority are addictive, they tend to create inflammation and our body reacts in their mind by becoming bloated, sluggish and fatty. There's even evidence to show that grains (primarily wheat) can lead to verifiable brain damage and donate to disorders like ADD, ADHD and depression. Make an effort to stick to lean meats, fibrous vegetables, nuts, berries and melons. Things like this are what our bodies were made to feast upon, so give it a try.

3. Work with a Fitness Coach - I am aware, I am aware, you're thinking, "Jared, this isn't an extremely original tip," but it's one of the best tips I will give you. Within my experience, less than 1% of all gym members make use of a personal trainer whilst in excess of 60% stop coming and eventually drop their membership. You notice it every January! Herds of men and women join the gym and shuffle toward the treadmills as though led by some primal force. After a couple weeks you see fewer and fewer of the newest faces and by March, oahu is the same group of regulars that have been coming. But, we all know that those that assist, and continue to make use of a personal trainer or fitness coach, stick to their programs, they keep coming to the gym, and eventually they develop habits that lead them toward a far more fit lifestyle. Working with a fitness coach or trainer is completely one of the best recommendations I can make to anyone wanting to obtain fit. My only caution is that you select your coach wisely. I personally hire an expert coach to oversee my entire fitness program. That's how strongly I believe in this factor.


Published by Samantha Brown