‘Don’t munch that cookie’ or ‘don’t eat between the meals’- you will not be able to make up for dinner! Snacking is bad for you; you can gain weight, and what’s not!

If you are a parent of a toddler, chances are you have said something like this to your little one or might have heard this from your mom. Well, snacking is not harmful, if you are munching the right food. It can prevent kids from overeating at meal times and also help in elevating the mood.

However, even if we are loaded with many different options, it's not always easy to have healthy options that too for the kids.  Have a look at the tips that will help you pick the right snack for your little one:

Relax The Foods That Kids Don’t Like:

Of course, you can put strict guidelines for the lunch, breakfast, and dinner; in-between snacks give kids more room to munch healthy things. So, give your kids that too!

Just make sure to provide freedom to your kids when choosing the snack for your kids. Look online surveys and study ingredients to ensure you are offering right snacks. 

Keep Up With The Ingredients:

If you think that sugar and saturated fats are the only fats that you need to avoid, check labels. Explore everything written on the label and then pick snacks. Let's say, if you have selected two items with equal in sugar, and fats then compare vitamins, minerals, and fibre of that item.

Choosing a nutrient-filled snack will ensure that your kid is munching something healthy. Also, keep an eye on the snack's sugar content and added sweeteners.

The Portion Of The Snack:

Of course, it's okay to let kids choose their snack, don’t forget to pay attention to the portion of the snack. You can relax with some items of allowing certain snacks, pay attention to how much you are offering them to your kids.

Portion size is also important if your child is having weight issues as it will help you keep eyes on calories.  To keep control of portion sizes, keep things in zip-top bags or let them have their portion-controlling servings.

Make Boring Things Attractive:

Are you having trouble making your kids ready to eat healthily? Do your kids make grim faces when you give them things like whole-grain foods or fruits as a snack? The trick to making them munch healthy things is making them look attractive.

No matter what food you are offering them, if you are able to make it attractive, kids would love eating them.  You can create a mixture of fruits, nuts, and veggies to make it colorful and attractive.

So, those were some tips to make kids' access to healthy snacking. Want some more ideas on what to put in a kids bag? Have a look at some easy-to-make and healthy snacks:

  • Granola Bars: High in fiber and low in sugar, granola bars help in boosting your kid's energy. Besides, they also make a great way to boost kids' nutrient intake and make the best go-to snack. You can also put the crumbled bars into yogurt for a smooth and crunchy taste.
  • Trail Mix: Trail mix is one of the quickest and easiest snack that is cheaper, healthier and tastier. Bring some raisins, peanuts, apples, and almonds in one bag, and a healthy, ready-to-eat snack is ready. Experiment with the topping and snacks and you are ready to go!
  • Waffles: Waffles are kids favorite; just pop them in the toaster and take them with you! Twist them by adding blueberries and strawberries, and your delicious snack is ready.
  • Nut Butter:Want to add some protein in your snack? Nut butter is a great way to add them! You can apply them on bread or place some of the celery.  Make it more interesting by adding raisins or dried cranberries on the top of them. You can also add green veggies to make it colorful, healthy and protein-rich.
  • Applesauce: Cooked, mashed apples make a perfect snack to satisfy the in-between hunger pangs. Pack this healthy dip in the airtight bag filled with carrot sticks and baby carrots.
  • Roasted Peas: Does your kid often crave for something salty and crispy? Bring this delicious, go-to snack made from frozen green peas and make your kids happy.

So, those were some of the most tempting and delicious kids-favorite snacks that you can easily pick without even worrying about calories. 

Published by Janice Cook