Whenever Artificial Intelligence comes to question, your mind unintentionally ticks to one of the science fiction movies that portrayed the destruction of humanity at the hands of machines with Artificial Intelligence. Although the movies seem riveting, you could look around you and get a reasonably good idea about how little of Artificial Intelligence is around us, and so the threat of a robot authority does not exist yet.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Although the movies have been filled with thrill, what they have done is give us only one-dimensional look into what artificial intelligence is. So, we have come to understand of it merely as human-esque robots that will eventually go corrupt. However, there is much more to the field. Artificial Intelligence, in book terms, is the field of computer science that focuses on software exhibiting human intelligence, with Artificial Intelligence Programming being the method to develop this software that has awareness.


With a 1400% increase in Artificial Intelligence startups since 2000, AI has become a very lucrative field in contemporary times, and programmers from all over the world want to learn about it. However, it is difficult to come across methods to determine a field that is so new and caters to so much at once.


So, here are four tips to learn AI Programming:

1.    Fundamentals:

AI programming is not just about plain old programming with any programming languages. It involves many applications from mathematics (calculus, multivariate calculus), statistics (probability) and so on. Only once you know these fields can you progress to the fields of programming languages such as Python and Java which are the most used languages for such development.

2.    The Field:

But there is one more thing that you have to learn about before getting to the rigorous coding stage. This is the field itself. Instead of the coding phase, you need to be aware of the coding phase. This will involve learning about all the three types of Artificial Intelligence, its different categories, what happens within each category and how each is implemented in the world today. This will form the basis for further learning and direct you in the right direction so you can make the most out of it.

3.    Coding Expertise:

It has often been observed that those who perform best in any field of programming have experience of several different fields and languages. So, when you do want to learn AI programming, try to also focus on languages and programming that are different from AI. This will help create links between different uses and help you learn faster in such an advanced field.

4.    Competitions:

Once you understand how to get by in AI programming, it is best that you not let it rest. To get better at what you do, you should focus on competing in different organized events. This will open up your mind about the field but will provide exposure by introducing you to the best in the field

Published by Inder Chauhan