Storage space can be a huge stumbling block for growing businesses.  Some companies, after they sit down with the accountant and do the math, realize that it's more viable for them to just outsource the storage especially for e-Commerce websites. They leverage the expertise of fulfillment companies like Fulfillment by Amazon

Either way, your choice of storage system should be that which is customized to suit your business. It should maximize the space available while still creating uniformity and maintaining safety in the warehouse.

Maximize the space available

As the owner of the business and warehouse, you decide what’s best for the business therefore instead of relying on the common basic storage systems that are available, you could follow your instincts and customize the system in a way that still leaves you with a lot of room to move around while working and to fix equipment necessary for the course of business. Global Industrial is the go-to when choosing a customized system.

As mentioned, storage space differs from business to business. A person selling cereals will need a completely different system as compared to someone supplying timber.

One may also need to increase the storage space as the business progresses, having inbuilt long-term shelves such as those sold by would help maintain the workspace while still creating new storage for the new stock. Making use of the height of the warehouse is a key to creating more storage space.

Creates Uniformity

Using a customized storage system means that everything can be customized for product storage. Having this space ensures that all the stored products are well organized hence the smooth running of your business and warehouse.

When industries such as Global Industrial started their business, they had such objectives. A well-organized system creates uniformity. Each product has its own place without the need to constantly move it to create more space and one can be able to categorize the stored products since they’re sorted according to what the product is.

Promotes Safety

A warehouse or any storage facility must comply with the safety standards and guidelines set out for them. This is the only way to ensure the safety of all those working in the space. Labour laws granting both the employer and employees the right to safety further emphasizes the safety of the storage space.

The owner of a good storage space should not only ensure the workers are safe but should also ensure that the product being stored is safe as well. Destruction of property due to unsafe storage reduces your assets as a business which is a loss incurred on your part as the business owner. To prevent such an occurrence, proper storage of the products will suffice. This will prevent the workers from bumping into them or them falling and breaking or getting destroyed.

The same applies to the safety of the workers. If the workers have ample space to move about and work freely, it reduces congestion and chances of accidents occurring in the space. Storing these products and equipment well may also reduce chances of injuries of the workers as the products and equipment is securely stored.

The safety of the staff and product should always be paramount to the owner during the design of the space and the day to day activities. The company designing the system should also have similar objectives to the owner which Global Industrial assures.


Some storage systems like shelves can be expanded or reduced to fit the storage space needs. This gives you discretion as the owner to plan how to store your products as compared to the already fixed shelves leaving little to no room for improvement.

This flexibility also increases the storage space as one can decide to stack more racks on the shelf as compared to buying a whole new entire shelf; which also makes use of the height of the storage facility.

Final words

It goes to show that having control of what storage system you want and how you would like it to be can differentiate between a good storage facility and a bad one. When choosing a storage system, customize it in such a way that all the space is maximized while still maintaining an organized space leaving room for movement and other activities.  

Published by Elena Tahora