Keeping the current circumstances in mind, it will not be wrong to say that there is massive cut-throat competition in the virtual trade arena. Each day, more and more companies are fighting it out to occupy the top slots on the SERP. One mistake can slam you at the bottom of the list. There are no extra points for guessing that it will be disadvantageous for the business as well as the brand identity. It has a direct impact on the growing popularity of online or portal-based shopping. According to sources, the e-commerce retail business reached a milestone of 2.3 billion dollars all over the globe. Experts suggest that the figure will nearly double during this financial year. It seems that customers are in no mood to slow down their online shopping sprees.

The relation between e-commerce and SEO

Initial online business strategies will help you to make your way into this slippery arena. If you want to continue making money from your business portal, then you will have to implement sustainable techniques. SEO works like magic in this respect. Around 85% of all people, who shop from online portals, do their searching on Google. 33% of the people click on the search results, which appear at the top of the SERP. To maintain this position, you will have to invest in effective SEO techniques. If the link is not at the top, then you will miss out on potential opportunities to make a sale.

Ignoring the SEO requirements is like driving nails in the business coffin. The youngsters in India too have mounted on the e-commerce bandwagon. If you are looking forward to starting your e-commerce business in India, then it is imperative to know ecommerce kya hai and how does it benefit the buyers. Ample articles and videos in Hindi would be at your disposal before you can blink.


1.    Keyword search in the primary aspect

The first aspect of SEO is keyword research. If you go wrong here, then nothing will be able to save your online business portal. The best place to start with your keyword research is Google Adwords. You can also make use of the tool called Keyword Planner to accomplish this task. Checking out the keywords used by your rival companies will also give you an idea about keywords, which will also serve your purpose. Properly searched keywords will help in giving you better exposure to every organic search.

2.    Blogging will support online business

A keyword search will highlight the words and phrases, which will help in increasing the ranking of the e-commerce site with SEO. But you cannot use the keywords just like that. You need to create engaging, informative and fun contents, where you will have to place the keywords strategically. The best way to do this is by writing and publishing blogs on the portal. Product description of the product will also come under the content category. Blogging will increase the opportunity for internal linking. These will come in handy to repair any broken links as well. Blogs will create a string of loyal followers. You can encourage them to check out the products on your portal. It will offer continuous positive traffic for the website. When other site owners use your content for reference links, the position of your portal will go up.

3.    Identification and elimination of errors

Broken links, improper optimization, wrong keywords are many other errors will negatively impact the site’s ranking. One can solve these issues with proper SEO. If you don’t have the expertise to make the necessary changes, then you can hire a professional for the task. Before updating the website and uploading new content on the site, you must ensure that images are in order. Apart from this, one must prevent the duplication of the published content. If you cannot pen down your thoughts, then opt for the services of a professional content writer. Several free tools are available, which will scan the backend of the site, and identify any broken links.

4.    Optimize the site for access from all gadgets

Gone are the days, when people could surf the internet from their desktops and laptops. It is very hard to spot a person who does not own a smartphone. The number of internet connectivity offering companies has also increased exponentially. A survey suggests that around 80% of the people use their smartphones to look at goods and services from portals. 57% of the total populations who are interested in online shopping use tabs to look for necessary items from the e-commerce portals. Shopping from mobile has been trending since 2018. Thus, business owners must make necessary changes in the site and optimize it for access from any mobile gadget. Optimizing the website will help the customer to get access to the portal from their smartphones. It will bring up the ranking of the site on the mobile SERP.

These are not the only techniques, which will help in enhancing the reach and exposure of your e-commerce website. In case of any issues, there are SEO agencies that will take over the task. With these experts by your side, you will not have to worry about increasing sale via the e-commerce portal.


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