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East Farewell – The seniors at Regional High School are a fun bunch. They also have a bit of a wicked streak and both traits showed up yesterday on April Fool’s Day. A group purchased a box of Whoopee cushions and gave them out to the rest of the class. Many teachers started the day with an embarrassing “salute” when the first sat down in the morning. Another group somehow managed to leave a fully assembled 30 foot high silo on the fifty yard line of the football field. This group is suspected to be the clandestine pranksters that managed to take apart and reassemble an East Farewell Transit trolley last summer. Although they were never identified as the perpetrators it is generally believed that the senior science club members were deeply involved.

            Even though the field was still covered with snow the pranksters plowed a path from the street and carefully cleared the area around the silo so there were no footprints left. When the school started on Wednesday the windows overlooking the field were filled with excited students and faculty looking, pointing and laughing. Principal Harris made an announcement mid-morning that he was expecting “volunteers” to come forward to help with the dismantling of the silo.

            April Fool’s Day has never been a big event in East Farewell, save for the incidental prank played on a personal level. It seems the Regional High School seniors have change all that and set the bar for the upcoming classes. The bar is fairly high, too.


1959 April Fool’s Day prank – Silo on the football field




East Farewell – The Cougars were happy but not elated when they drew the Riverview Wildcats in the first round of the Playoffs. The Cougars had won two out of three of the meetings this season. The Wildcats improved throughout the season and were able to secure third place in the league standings. The Cougars stood at second place at the end of the regular season. The Corning Devils were first and the Slate Mountain Miners were fourth. The Playoffs are held over a two week period with the first round being played last Saturday. The finals will be next Saturday in a neutral location, the Fort Lee gymnasium.

            The Cougars took the floor on Saturday with a confident but not cocky attitude. The last game they played against the Wildcats was a strong performance but their latest and last season game was a lackluster showing that raised some concerns from Coach Wilson. All the Coach’s concerns were dispelled after the tip-off. The Cougars jumped out to a 14-4 lead with center Jimmy Hawkins collecting 8. The “Big Three” (Hawkins, Tasker and Mitchell) took control of the center of the floor and the Wildcats spent most of the game trying to penetrate it. The Cougars were able to hold the lead except for three minutes at the end of the first half when the Wildcats outside shooters, Di Angelo and  Dimero, got hot and the Wildcats rattled off 12 straight points giving the Wildcats a 32-28 lead. The first half ended with the Wildcats on top 32-30. The lead was to be short-lived, though When the Cougars came out in the second half they reestablished their inside dominance and started guarding Dimero and Di Angelo closer and retook the lead for good with in the first five minutes of the second half. The game was never a blowout; the Wildcats would fall back then claw back only to be beaten down again. The game ended with the Cougars scoring the final four points and winning, 54-50.

            In the second game the Corning devils pulled out a win against a surprisingly gritty Slate Mountain Miners, 60-58. The Miners gave the usually over powering Devils a scare and played right up until the last basket dropped in from a beautiful twisting under the basket layup by Corning’s lead player, Matt Drew. The win sets up a matchup between the Devils and the Cougars next Saturday. The final will be played at the Fort Lee gymnasium beginning at 3:00PM.

                   1959 Regional Playoffs

Riverview Wildcats




Corning Devils




Corning Devils








E. Farewell Cougars




E. Farewell Cougars




Slate Mntn. Miners

1959 Playoff grid



Without warning - Russia sealed off virtually the entire Soviet Union from western diplomats. In retaliation, the United States posted a similar temporary travel ban on Russian diplomats. The action adds to East-West tension over Berlin. The NATO Council firmly endorsed the Western Big Three’s German policy and warns the Communists to keep their hands off the free allied sector of Berlin. The big three are the U.S., Germany and France.

Sir Winston Churchill’s town house is ransacked by burglars who made off with furs and jewels valued at $28,000. No one was home. The loot included several boxes of the ex-prime minister’s big cigars.

In a Gallup Poll - Sen. John Kennedy pulls up slightly on Adlai Stevenson as the choice of rank-and-file Democrats for the 1960 nomination:

Sen. John F. Kennedy - 28%

Gov. Adlai Stevenson - 27%

Sen. Estes Kefauver - 12%

Sen. Lyndon Johnson - 9%

Sen. Stuart Symington - 5%

Others - 11%


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