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East Farewell – Everyone in East Farewell has heard the story of Bernie and Sue. The two young riders of the brand new public transit system back in 1955 who fell in love on the streetcar became the talk of the town when their story got out, wed in 1957 and, fittingly, on February 14th welcomed daughter Kathleen as East Farewell’s first 1959 Valentine’s Day baby, born at 3:02AM in the General Hospital. There were two other babies born on the 14th, both girls and they will all share the most romantic birthday of the year.

            Bernie and Sue first met on the Route 1 street car back in 1955 riding to their respective jobs at the Iron Works and Sam’s Deli. Their trips were both the longest on the route. Bernie got on first and when Sue got on there was only one seat left, next to Bernie. They struck a conversation and as they say, the rest is history. They were married in May of 1956 and both continued their jobs but in spring of 1958 Sue broke the news to Bernie that she was expecting.

            “We were all so excited when we heard the news,” said Mrs. Mallard from Lakeshore Drive, “They are like family to us and Bernie being a war vet had some tough times but he pulled through it and got back on track and now he is a happy, excited father. This is just wonderful news.”

            So, as spring comes to East Farewell the Route 1 Transit car makes its usual trek from the beginning to the end of the Transit Line and perhaps there is another young man sitting alone in the last vacant seat and perhaps a pretty young woman will get on and take the seat and another public transit romance will be born. Perhaps.

Route 1 Streetcar where the magic happened



Cedar Creek – It was the first road game for the Travelers this season and they seem to have forgotten a bit of their past when they played all their games on the road before they built Travelers Stadium in 1954. There are still some players on the team who remember those times but most have retired, have been traded or moved up to the majors. All the history had little bearing on Saturday’s game. The Cedar Creek Bulls handed the Travelers their first defeat of the season, 7-3.

            Things stared poorly for the Travelers usually hit skimping pitcher, Billy Green who let in 3 first inning runs by way of two hits and a long homerun by Bulls slugger Matt Cashman. After the first inning Green was able to settle down but in the sixth and seventh he struggled again letting two runs each inning. The Travelers were able to answer in the first by tying it up with 3 runs accomplished in an ironically similar fashion, two hits and a homer by Johnny Cloos. That is where the similarity ended, though. The Travelers were sluggish on the fields and committed and unheard of three errors in the last three innings. They did not seem to have the usual spark that carries them.

            “We looked like old men out there today,” said Cloos after the game, “Now some of us are the youngest kids on the field but we should be a lot quicker than that. We will have to talk about this lack of gumption and get this straightened out.”

            Let’s hope so. The Travelers stay on the road next week as they travel to Youngstown to meet the Steelers. The game begins at 1:30PM at Youngstown Stadium.



Sir Winston Churchill begins a four-day reunion with President Eisenhower in Washington. Churchill tells spectators upon his arrival: “I shall not say as most people who travel around the world seem to do - which is to say everything that they think”

Tass announces that Nikita Khrushchev is awarded a Lenin Peace Prize for 1958. Another winner included an American “Negro,” William Dubois, 91 year-old editor and writer of Brooklyn. Of Khrushchev, the agency said “his activities in favor of peace personified most fully and strikingly the peaceable policy of the Soviet socialist state.”

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