Thursday, April 4, 1957   Vol. C614



East Farewell – Spring has bloomed in East Farewell. The season took it’s time in coming but has arrived in all its glory with blooms everywhere and many people in short sleeves enjoying the blooms. The Flower Show piqued everyone in towns’ interest and even the novices seem to have taken their chance at planting some pretty flowers or took the plunge on planting a vegetable garden. The towns has always had a strong history of farming but with the huge growth in people living in town the small gardens have begun to show up in side yards and widow boxes have become extremely popular. All the new flowers and gardens have made the popular afternoon strolls all the more enjoyable. “I just love all the blooms and the window boxes,” laughed Mrs. Mallard, local boarding house owner and window box owner, “They look wonderful and all the different colors and shapes are just beautiful. Each person seems to have their own particular favorites. Mine are petunias but all the boxes are just wonderful.”

            The cold March and long winter was swept away last week as April started with a very mild trend. Temperatures were in the 70’s and the skies were clear with a very bright sun. The beautiful weather got people thinking about the summer season that is not far off. Charles Wenz, owner of the Last Oasis Bar & Restaurant was eagerly placing tables out on the sidewalk to encourage people to dine ‘al fresco’ “I just love this time off year,” he said, “The evenings are getting longer and they can be mild enough for folks to dine outside and really enjoy the town.”

            The Lakefront Plaza is still undergoing some repairs and is not open but is expected to be completely opened within two weeks. The Plaza suffered some winter damage to the main stone plaza that cracked from the extreme cold in January. Townspeople are still able to sit on the edges and enjoy the tremendous view of Lake Charles.

Mrs. Mallard’s Flower Boxes




East Farewell – In an action packed, fast paced tournament title game the Riverview Wildcat’s center Frank Haskert was able to rebound an errant shot and put the ball back in the basket with no time on the clock to win the first annual Mid-Central Area Tournament on Friday evening. The game was a classic with both teams playing at the top of their games. The Cougars center Wilson Watson battled Haskert for every rebound and every point but he was unable to stop Haskert’s last shot and was visibly upset after the game feeling as if he let his team down. “Wilson has nothing to feel bad about,” said Coach Wilson after the game, “He played a great game and he had a great season. I think he is one of the best centers to come through this school ever.”

            Even Wildcats center Frank Haskert had high praise for Watson after the game. “He is a great player, we have faced each other lots of times this year and sometimes I would win and sometimes he would win, lucky for me I won this time.”

            The game was tight from the opening tip. Cougars guard Bobby Fox grabbed the opening tip and looking for a quick score dribbled down but was closed off by Wildcats forward Gene Green and was forced to pass it back and set up a play. Both sides played tight defense but both also played a very fast paced, up and down the floor offense. While the final score (48-46) did not reflect the hot offense watching the game was a treat as both sides showed excellent command of the floor and their passing was crisp and accurate. Neither team could gain any real control in the game, every time it looked like one side was getting the upper hand the other side would make a steal or grab a crucial rebound to balance it out. The greatest lead either side enjoyed was six points by the Wildcats at the beginning of the second half but that was only for about one minute and the Cougars were able to tie it back up.

            The game came down to the last 10 seconds. Tied at 46 the Wildcats inbounded the ball and worked through the tight Cougar press. With five seconds left Wildcats guard Billy Hagan tried to drive but was held off by forwards O’Hare and Reilly and was forced to pass back to Smith. With only two seconds left Smith launched a long shot from the outside left, the ball hit the rim with one second left, bounced straight up and then hit the rim again and went to the side where Haskert had set up. He grabbed the ball and laid it back up and in as the horn sounded over a leaping Wilson’s outstretched hand.

            Both teams played a spectacular game and it was a fitting end to the tournament and the season. The Cougars ended the season with a very impressive 11-5 record finishing second in the league to Riverview and second in the newly formed Mid-Central area.

East Farewell- The Travelers have been practicing in the ball park for the last two weeks getting ready for their opener next week. They will try to improve on their second place finish from last year and have everyone returning to their now familiar positions. Last year ended on a historic note with Joe Nagy pitching a perfect game and Nagy will be on the mound to start this year’s campaign.

            The line up this year is:

  1. Francis, Ralph RF
  2. Dunham, Dale  SS
  3. Watson, Bobby  1B
  4. Cloos, Johnny CF
  5. Dimero, Anthony RF
  6. Brown, Joey C
  7. Archibald, Arthur 2B
  8. Sweet, Billy LF
  9. Green, Billy P
  10. Alfred, Joey P
  11. Nagy, Joe P
  12. Lane, Dan P
  13. Lane, Mean Richie 3B
  14. Fowler, Sam Manager
  15. Franks, Davey infield utility
  16. Silver, Ernie outfield
  1. “Big Bob” Tilman CF


The Travelers open next Saturday at home against the Riverview Anglers. The Opening Day festivities begin at 12:00 noon at the Ball Park and the game begins at 1:05.



Communist Party Boss Nikita Khrushchev announces that the Soviet government plans to stop interest and freeze repayment of principal for 20 to 25 years on 260 billion rubles in bonds purchased by Soviet citizens. Wage and salary earners had bought the bonds through payroll deductions averaging 6 to 8 1/2% over the last two decades. Khrushchev said western capitalists would never understand “this sort of thing.” To the Soviet people, he exclaimed, “They will never believe you are doing this of your own free will.” Questioned by Western newsman, some Russians said they welcomed the move that stopping the loans will in effect; increase their yearly incomes, by the month’s pay they contributed to the state.


Unveiled - a tiny pill with is actually a miniature FM radio transmitter – is demonstrated by doctors in New York. The plastic capsule is just over an inch long and less than a half inch around. Mainly, doctors say it’s designed to tell about pressures and muscular contractions in a digestive tract.


Actress Betsy Blair ends her 15-year marriage to dancer/actor Gene Kelly. She’ll get a $500 thousand settlement extending over a period of years. She charged mental cruelty. They’ve been in trial separation for six months.


Jackie Gleason says he will retire from weekly television in June because “I’m not doing right by the public.”


Published by JD Carroll