Obzor. A small Bulgarian town on the coast of the Black Sea. A place that will stay forever in my heart. “Nothing special”, you’ll probably say while passing by Obzor with your car down the highway. But you’ll never know what secrets this town hides unless you take some time to explore its magical streets. What you’re going to feel is actually unbelievable… I’ll never have the power of the words to describe my feelings during our sea vacation this summer. It wasn’t the lively town center or the beach that impressed me. The quiet streets did. Those long and narrow streets with apple trees beside them. Those same streets where no cars drive along… where a smiling elderly would reach out his hand through the fence to give you a fig that he has just picked from his garden… where people live simple. Simple things. That’s it. Happiness is hidden in the most unexpected places.



I saw many places during our holiday but my mind captured this calm neighbourhood near the sea that somehow attracted me. There were old abandoned houses, young families and lush greenery. I could feel the spirit of this place. I could see history just in front of me. This place was a combination of past and present and I was a part of that change…



I had a wonderful time spent in Obzor and I’ll definitely come back for more inspiration. It’s incredible to see such a place where time has stopped but life is still pure, simple and meaningful.

xoxo, Lora

Originally published on My Messy Blog.

Published by Lora Veleva