I love adventures- ever since I was a kid, i dream of chasing waterfalls, exploring mysterious caves, and venturing into the unknown. The good thing is, my country has a lot to offer when it comes to adventures- and I’ve already tried some of them! Here are 5 adventurous things you need to try when visiting the Philippines- get ready to be thrilled!

Explore Sumaging Cave

Location: Sagada,Mountain Province

My first ever adventure happened here and it was 10 years ago- I was just 15 years old. That time, when travel blogs is not yet popular and most people just rely on maps, my whole family went there not knowing where to stay and what attractions we need to visit. The only thing we know about the place is the Hanging Coffins, their most popular attraction.

I remembered before entering the cave, I was so nervous especially after seeing a tourist vomiting at the entrance of the cave. It was my first time and I was scared of what’s inside it- but all those fears and doubts washed away after seeing the magnificent stalactites and stalagmites inside.

But then, we are not prepared for the trekking that awaits us. It was really difficult! We crawled under small openings, I even accidentally touched a bat’s feces( Yes, THERE ARE A LOT OF BATS INSIDE) and the trek, as I’ve remembered, took us 2-3 hours. We also had to be super careful since there are deep ravines and one wrong move will be the death of us. Luckily, our tour guide helped us trek the cave safely.

Based on my research, there had been improvements done in the cave and that the trek is not so difficult anymore compared to what we had done ten years ago. I hope I’ll get to trek here again soon and see its changes.

Canyoneering in Kawasan Falls

Location: Kawasan falls, Cebu 

This adventure belongs to my bucketlist- I really want to do this! Perhaps one of the most adventurous and daring thing to do, Canyoneering in Kawasan falls involves cliff jumping, trekking and swimming through a series of smaller water falls to reach Kawasan falls.

Philippinestravelpackage.com have a Cebu Tour package which includes accommodation and day tour of your choice. You can also visit Sugbo.ph for a complete travel guide of Canyoneering in Kawasan falls.

River Rafting in Cagayan De Oro

Location: Cagayan De Oro, Mindanao

I’m proud to say that I’ve finally crossed this off my bucketlist last 2017 and it was truly thrilling and unforgettable! We took the advanced course in our river rafting package and we traversed through 24 mighty rapids + a free swimming in the river! The rafting took 4 hours and although it was quite scary, the adventure was worth it!

Bungee Jumping at Danao

Location: Danao, Bohol

Also known as the The Plunge in Danao, this adventure will surely keep your adrenaline pumping as you bungee jump through huge mountains and green forests! The drop is about 200 meters and there’s also a river down below- which i think makes the drop even more scarier and thrilling!

You can book at Danao Adventure Park’s official website to experience this one-of-kind bungee jumping!

See the “Sea of Clouds” at Mt. Pulag’s summit

Location: Benguet Province, Luzon

Climbing Luzon’s highest peak (3rd in the Philippines) is one of my ultimate dream- it’s like climbing into heaven’s gates. With an height of 9,600 ft, you’ll get to see the famous sea of clouds. Mt Pulag is also known as the “Playground of the Gods” and many locals believe that spirits dwell there, that’t why the place is sacred.

The Ambangeg Trail or the “Artista Trail” , is said to be the easiest trail to reach the summit, and the hike to the summit takes 4-5 hours. Meanwhile, Akiki Trail, also known as the killer trail,takes 10-11 hours of climbing. Take note that you need to present a medical certificate before climbing Mt. Pulag.

You can book your 2 days tour at Mt. Pulag with trailadventours.com

It’s really indeed more fun and thrill in the Philippines and I hope I get to experience these all! (maybe this year? I hope so!)

How about you? Have you already experienced one of these thrilling adventures? Share your thoughts below!

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Published by Crizelda Nicolas