Australia is a beautiful country. If you happen to live in Australia or are planning to move their permanently, you will never feel like you made the wrong move. In all its vastness and big developed cities, Australia offer something for everyone. Whether you got a spot in a large city like Melbourne, Sydney or the Capital Canberra or you have a suburban residence in a piece of quite, you will enjoy your stay in the country.

Australia offers many great activities for its residents. Being able to wander around the vast planes and natural landscapes is only the start. Here are a few amazing things that will make you want to live in Australia more:

1. Travelling to beautiful places

Australia is the 6th largest country of the world and forms much of the continent Australia as well. The whole continent is the least populated continent in the world after Antarctica. This means that naturally there are quite a lot of travelling opportunities for all the travel junkies in the country.

You will always have plenty of beautiful place to visit whilst your stay in Australia. Even locals might not have been through all that the country has to offer. If you someone who loves to travel around a lot, you will always have a great time in Australia.

2. Delicious street food

Are you a foodie and just love affordable great world foods? Australia is definitely for you. Australians enjoy some of the most delicious foods not only in their restaurants but also on the streets in big cities. You will find a lot of food joints in streets of all big cities that will great foods at much affordable prices that big names restaurants.

Whether you are on a street walk out and about or a full scale shopping spree in any of the big cities, you will always find top quality delicious foods from food joints and places on the street. Whether you love Chinese foods or pure Australians are your preference, we are sure you will find it all in the streets of Australia.

3. Selling and buying old cars at impressive price

Permanent Australian residents also can take advantage of another great offering the country has. Buying and selling old cars is very easy and affordable for everyone in Australia at all times. You can actually get pretty good deals for high quality used cars in all parts of Australia and even sell yours quite easily.

Even if you have a car that has gone past its glory day and may not be usable anymore, you always have the option to get it removed for high amounts of cash in the country. Big cities have services like the Car Removal Melbourne and also for Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney and many other cities that take care of all your old junk cars paying highest amount of cash for them.

4. Beauty of Australia

Australia is also a beautiful part of the world. Whether you are into natural landscapes untouched by humans or you prefer beautiful architecture of the big cities, you will find it all across the country. The beautiful Opera House of Sydney along with many other buildings stand as a testimony to Australian architecture.

You can also get some of the best wildlife safaris in Australia as well. The vast planes in the country are filled with untouched beauty that never fails to interest visitors and locals alike. Beautiful lakes and even the most unique pink lakes of Australia with some of the best in world sea tours for whale watching are all activities you will indulge in.

5. Beach parties

Additionally, Australia has some of the most beautiful shorelines in the world as well. The white sandy beaches and very pleasurable climate of coastal cities including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast City and/or Adelaide all have beautiful beaches to go to.

There is always a lot happening at most Australian beaches. If you are a party lover, you will find many beach parties in most big cities of Australia to keep you going any time of the day, or night for that matter.

Published by Mohsin Ahsan