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Learn how to do business and help others, improve your memory, value time more, read more books, and stop losing it at your kids! Check out these five inspirational and educational posts below.......



Helping Others Is Your Most Valuable Offering- Sujan Patel


A good read for content marketers, social sellers and Entrepreneurs, you can grow your business through the not so revolutionary act of being kind and helping others. Not rocket science yet how many of us act on it? Read this great article for some practical pointers on doing business with a big heart.



The Science of Memory: Top 10 Proven Techniques to Remember More and Learn Faster (Zapier)


Drawing from the teachings of Dr. Barbara Oakley & Prof. Terrence Sejnowski on the excellent free MOOC course 'Learning How To Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects', the Zapier blog extracts 10 scientifically proven ways to improve your memory. My favourite memory improving tips? Writing stuff down and spaced repetition.



Why you feel busy all the time (when you’re actually not) (BBC)


Yep, I'm guilty of this one but it turns out we might just have more time than we think we do....



5 ways to read more books, and then read them more productively ( A Life of Productivity)


I really need to read more and the tips here never even occurred to me until now. My favourite tip? Underlining the best parts of the book you're reading to revisit them, genius.



Positive Parenting Concepts For Ditching Frustration


One for the angry Dads and mad Mums!!!! But seriously, raising kids ain't easy. You may have read 'parenting hacks' like these before but there's no harm in a quick reminder. My favourite tip? Take some time out, be kind to yourself as they say. If you need a few minutes away from your constantly bored kids, take them.


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