Silver foil has more uses that any one person can tell you. Different minds use this material differently to satisfy their requirements and needs. We have some of the most beautiful and elegant custom Silver Foil Boxes that use silver to charm up their designs. Perfect Silver Foil Gift Boxes or luxury packaging boxes not only look unique but add that feel of luxury for expensive product packaging as well.

Other than Silver Foil Packaging, uses also include Silver Foil baking Boxes wit Lids in the food industry. Silver or aluminum foil works great for the baking oven and can provide food products great wrapping options as well. Some more popular commercial uses of silver foil also include it being used on visiting cards. Silver foiling makes cards look unique and luxurious while providing making them present your business image beautifully as well.

If you have some silver foil lying around in the kitchen or leftover from any other projects, it can be used for a number of life hacks. Considering that the actual material can be molded in many shapes and sizes, you are only bound by imagination when using silver foil. Here are some pretty interesting life hacks made possible with silver foil making your life easier:

1: A Makeshift Funnel for Liquids

Are you out on an adventurous outing into the mountain range or a beach fire? Chances are that you will need a funnel to pour some liquids in a tight-mouthed bottle or any other container that is available to you. Chances also are of the fact that you will not have a funnel packed in your bag, as it is an easily overlooked little item. However, if you brought silver foil with you (it is often packed in a hiking or adventurous backpack), you can make do with it efficiently.

Silver aluminum foil is a flexible solid that can be molded in a sturdy enough shape when in enough number of layers. You can use that to your advantage in making your temporary funnel out of it. You will need quite a large piece of foil for this and nothing else but your hands. Roll the foil up squeezing one end into a small hole and leaving the other open to a size that you are comfortable with. You should get a tight-mouthed funnel that can easily be inserted into bottles or any other containers with a small mouth opening. Straighten it out and you have your piece of foil back.

2: An Efficient Temporary Wi-Fi Signal Booster

Do you live in a large house that is awesome but has a Wi-Fi problem in some of its rooms? Wi-Fi routers usually throw signal for up to 20 meters. If you have a house too large, this can become a problem for you. When you are using just that one Wi-Fi router in the whole house, you will need to boost its signal. Firstly, we would recommend getting a long-range router or sitting your router at a location where the whole house gets covered possibly.

However, you can also use silver foil to boost its signal up ever so much. You would need to fold the foil several times and form a crude concave reflector out of it placing it behind the router. Foil is very dense and reflective; it will reflect your Wi-Fi signal in one direction more than the router throws it on its own. Now you have one direction of Wi-Fi signal sorted out in your large house. Cheers!

3: Wrong Battery Size, Nothing Good Old Silver Foil Cant Fix

Kid’s toys along with many home appliances use batteries in them to run. You can find batteries in all sizes for all your appliances right! What if you brought back home some AAA batteries when you actually needed AA? Oh man, now we run into a problem right. Especially when you just refuse to do a downtown run in the middle of the night, that home available aluminum silver foil will come in handy here.

Aluminum or silver used in foil passes current perfectly. Make some small balls or chunks of foil and place them between your AAA battery’s + tips and the battery holder or connection point. Foil should pass current through it effectively solving this problem for until you get the right sized batteries. You can thank us later.

4: Effective Scissor Sharpener

Are you someone who plays with your scissors a lot? Continuously blunting scissors can be a pain when you love making crafty things with them right! Maybe you like cutting a lot anyway, we are not judging at all. Any frequent scissor user will know the pain a blunt pair of scissors can bring. However, if you have some silver aluminum foil to waste, you are sorted for a scissor sharpener as well.

What a material right! It sorts your life out on more occasions that anything else. Just get a thrown away piece of foil and start running that pair of scissors through it like a boss. The more you cut foil with your scissors, sharper they will become. You get to fulfill your scissor running habit and sharpen it, all at the same time. What a fix!

5: Keeping Pans Clean Saving You Washing Up Time

Do you use frying pans a lot and get annoyed when food sticks to them making it so hard to wash up? Aluminum silver foil can save the day here again. Aluminum material used in silver foils is perfectly heat conducting. You can use this characteristic to your advantage. Make a pan liner by folding, twisting and turning a few layers of foil. A single layer can work perfectly as well. Now you pans won't get dirty with half burnt food at all.

All these life hacks are great. Silver Foil Boxes are perfect for luxury products or Silver Foil Gift Boxes are perfect for favors and gifts. Lining your boxes with silver foil can make them perfect food packaging as well. Silver Foil Packaging is considered to be one of the most luxurious packaging options in the market as well. For your foods, Silver Foil Baking Boxes with Lids can solve your oven baking problems efficiently. Use silver foil as you need it, it is a great material that is able to solve many problems.

Published by M Yousuf