Nature offers mystical renaissance of beauty and expression, both engraved in textures and fragrances of flowers. A Flower has been categorized for many purposes by many scholars, but most of the time the beauty of expression through flowers was said out loud by poets. Romanticism is deeply engraved in color, scent an appeal of flowers. Each type of flower and color can be related to different emotions and relationships of human beings. 

Rose, on the other hand, is the most common flower that is found in different varieties and colors and is readily available throughout the year. A rose flower can be used in some ways to express your emotion to your loved one or even to people you care.

Here are five beautiful ways you can use rose flowers to express yourself to others:

  • Rose bouquet: Well, probably all of you must have gifted or been gifted with a bouquet of rose flowers any time of your life. It’s the most common way of expressing love, care, send warm wishes, say welcome or good buy or even birthday wishes.

  • Rose petals decoration: Rose as a flower is beautiful, but also it’s single petal looks equally impressive. Rose petals are widely used for decorating function halls, stages, wedding beds, rooms, etc. more specifically you can use rose petals to decorate your room for a romantic date.

  • Garlands: Garlands made of roses are very common too. They have both ritualistic and religious beliefs to it. Rose garland during Indian wedding is a ritual while, rose garland offered to Gods and deity is for the religious and spiritual purpose.

  • Honouring: Flowers like roses are used for honoring guest, renowned professionals or artists or even respectable people in our society. It is said when you acknowledge someone you greet him with flowers to show your respect.

  • Color code: Well, this is important to know, while you know flowers can speak for you-you must understand their language as well, to communicate is the best manner. Like a red rose depicts love, a yellow one friendship and while is to saying sorry or sad occasions.

So now you know the different ways you can use flowers to express yourself. If you need more specific information like the manner in which to use the flower for particular purposes, you can get plenty of ideas over the Internet. Many blogs offer you such information.

But one thing you must know that what every you device to do must meet your expression and expectation. There is specific ‘rose code’ you must follow. Like never present white flowers on happy occasion or bright flowers on sad occasions. Also, gifting red roses to your ‘girl’ friend can lead to a lot of relationship misunderstanding or gifting yellow flowers to your boyfriend can take your relationship to step back.

So what are you skating for, get the rose and choose your color well, and say it with the love and care and beauty of the flower along with all the scent of your compassion and honesty of your feelings!

Published by Jason Roy