Imagine having a hectic week at work, there exists a definite need of relaxation away from the chaos of multiple thoughts. Now imagine getting free from these thoughts to being thoughtless, that is meditation for you. In a chaotic world, where man is working like a machine to meet the ends, it is extremely difficult to draw time for oneself. Meditation can cure the stress to take the body to a higher happiness.

Meditation isn’t about all about redirecting your thoughts in order to focus on one particular thing but it is making your mind and body relaxed having no thoughts at all to focus upon your soul, solely. Out of the several benefits of meditating, here are some of the best benefits to cure the mind, the body and the soul:

1. Bye Bye Stress!

According to the recent studies, around 1/3 of the population is affected by everyday stress be it the work load, the pressure of scoring good in exams, meeting the expectations of the family or anything else. In that case, psychologists have suggested that each and every person should employ the meditation tactics in their lifestyle even if it is for 10-minutes.

What does meditation do? Meditation initiates to draw spiritual, emotional and mental peace which eventually reduces the stress bringing the body to rest. There is this hormone Cortisol which is secreted by the body in stress, the practice of meditation directly reaches out to the nervous system, minimizing the extraction of this chemical in the body.

2. Meditation is better than Medication

It has already been said! Medication might be a quick reliever but definitely isn’t a long-lasting cure. Instead, if a body is healed naturally there are minimal chances of prolonged illness. Our generation is “infection” by the technological viruses. There exist greater chances of getting hit by the pangs of anxiety, insomnia, high blood-pressure and some cardiovascular diseases.

There is a cycle, when anxiety pusses the peace of soul away from happiness stirring emotions to worse, Meditating teaches the notions of controlling the body, brain and soul to draw stability. This leads to decreased Anxiety giving birth to hopes in the body to fight all the odds.

Also, a patient of high blood-pressure will witness improvement in their health after practicing meditation regularly for six to seven months. According to the statistics, around 15% of the patients have experienced positive changes because of this exercise.

Similarly, starting the day with a 10-20-minute meditation can help the chronic insomniacs sleep better by improving their ability to sleep.

3. Concentration improved

Basically, concentration is directly related to getting into sync with the breath. In order to focus on anything, the body must be drawn into full attention to the inner self. Close the eyes and just focus on how your heart is beating and how the lungs are making us breathe. With this meditation process, the body is brought to higher level of concentration which betters the performance of brain in every aspect from working in the office to preparing for exams. So, it is very important to be in peace with our brain in order to work efficiently in life.

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4. Self-awareness prioritized

As meditation helps the body get in sync with physical, mental and spiritual health; improves concentration etc., all this is indirectly related to getting aware about the own self. It is very important to be friends with yourself as, figuratively, the self is most important coming before anything else. This is just like having a proper self-introspection or insight of your own self to get a wider view of what all is going outside the body. Once you feel compassionate for yourself, you will be able to feel & judge the other point of view or other side of the picture.

There are several forms and styles of meditation which helps one develop better understanding of the body, mind and health. The whole notion is formed on the idea of bringing out fuller development and growth of the soul. Once you get to know what is good and what is bad for the health, it constructs the inner system and keep harmful thoughts away.

5. Fight against the bad and addictions

There are many bad habits and addictions that the generation is getting into like liquor consumption, smoking and many other practices which is directly taking the self to deformation and destruction. Most of the population is not even in realization of the fact that yes, this is something which is bad for myself. First thing first, we need to realize that all these habits are actually bad for the body and soul. Only the realization of bad and good can help us resolve the ordeals going inside.

Then, besides the failure in medical terms to cure these addictions, there are a few self-introspecting or meditating exercises that might help the effected portion of the masses. The discipline incurred in the mind help the body hold control over addictions and curb them. Following the sources, a survey was conducted in 2017 where it was found among 15% of the alcoholics that meditation helped them get rid of their addiction more efficiently than any rehab or medical help.

In a nutshell, it is very important to first try a natural process and then move on for medical processes. Meditation is a natural way of curing your body which requires 0 investment and just the sense of empathy towards oneself. So, here is a sure shot to cure all the emotional, spiritual and mental pain which is tried and tested. Take out 10 minutes of the schedule and see the difference leading to construction of what was never expected to be reached so easily.

Published by Arina Smith