Gone are the days when competition was limited, and there were only a few strong contenders fighting for the lead.  For a sports club, latter may do wonders in the age of internet and social media. To be able to build a strong fan base, setting up an online club shop may prove highly helpful in the way that your club’s fans could easily buy your merchandise and don it at your team’s next game or match.

Playing a strong game sure is important, but it depends on a variety of factors and solely rests in the hands of the players and their coach. What remains in the power of a sports club, however, is the right marketing strategy. Where one crucial part of that strategy is to design your own sportswear, the other, however, is to set up a club shop to sell that sportswear. Now since we are discussing this in the second decade of the twenty-first century, there is no need to go brick and mortar. Rather, set up your own club shop online. If ‘why’ is the question you have been meaning to ask, then hold your horses for we are just about to reveal the reasons. You can call them benefits.



First benefit of setting up your club shop online is the ease you’ll offer your club’s players and fans in ordering your club’s personalised sports kits and other merchandise. When we say easy, we mean visiting your club shop on your manufacturers website and placing the order. It’s that simple.


Second benefit is the time you, as a club shop, and your club’s players and fans would save. As a club shop, either old or new, you can’t escape the lengthy task list at your disposal. In setting up your club shop with a manufacturer online you would be eliminating the hassle of placing the orders with a manufacturer yourself, awaiting the delivery, and handing the kits to their righteous owners.

Third benefit is money that you will save. Of course, in eliminating the need of setting a brick and mortar shop, you would be saving a lot of money. Not only in that, but also in escaping the need of keeping the stock including in sizes that may never sell.

Fourth benefit of setting a club shop online is that you won’t have to hire dedicated personnel for your club shop. Since, all the transactions will happen online, and between your club’s players as well as fans and the manufacturer, therefore, you would not require to hire dedicated personnel to look after the sale and purchase of sports kits and other merchandise.

Fifth benefit is it can be ordered anytime. Your club’s players or their family, and your club’s fans can order teamwear and kits at any point of time because all they have to do is visit your club shop at manufacturers website and place the order.

With these five wonderful benefits, setting up your club shop online simply is the right thing to do. Won’t you agree?

Published by Shiva Kushwaha