When people hear the word “Tarot Cards” they often associate it to black magic due to its occult ties. However, as of recent times, Tarot cards have been used as a tool to increase psychic awareness and intuition often times for the sole purpose of either communicating with loved ones who have crossed over or for gaining insight and guidance about life. There are two types of Tarot cards to consider, the first one being the traditional Tarot card deck which are comprised of 78 cards, followed by the Oracle deck which usually varies in terms of the total amount of cards the deck contains and is less intense ie; traditional tarot card uses the death card-which by the way does not always imply death– while the Oracle Tarot card deck uses lighter terms like “rebirth” and “new beginnings” in replacement of the traditional tarot death card. If you are unsure on whether Tarot Card Reading is right for you then you have come to the right place! Here are 5 Benefits of Tarot Reading to consider:


 1) Truth


Have you ever wanted to know the answers to some of life’s important questions? such as warnings from your future? or signs you might have missed from your spirit guides? By using the tarot cards you will be able to find truth to any given situation- if used correctly. I recommend using Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue from the Oracle Tarot Deck as these cards were designed to help you connect with your Angels and spirit guides to give you clarity and insight to any situation.

2) Increased Psychic Ability


Tarot reading is one of the fastest ways to develop and improve your Psychic abilities. To be psychic means to be in tune with your inner self and once you are in tune with your inner self you will be able to be more receptive to information received psychically and spiritually. Second guessing yourself will soon become a thing of the past and any uncertainty you might of had about your future will become more clear.

3) Connecting with Spirit Guides & Guardian Angels


Spirit Guides are chosen by us before we incarnate and our guides set out to help direct us down the right path- the path we chose to walk before we were born- and are with us until we die. Spirit Guides are often easily confused as Guardian Angels and though both act as guides, Spirit Guides have never walked as mortals and have a higher vibrating energy frequency; they also act as messengers and when you are in tune with your higher self you will be able to understand and communicate with them. Guardian angels however, are loved ones who have crossed over and are there to offer protection; they also communicate with us on a more regular basis through signs and symbols and can intervene in our lives without being called upon. You do not necessarily have to be in tune with your higher self in order to communicate with them and receive their messages. Spirit Guides on the other hand, cannot intervene in our lives due to the Law of Free Will, unless we specifically ask for help and communicate with them. Tarot Cards are a great way to connecting with your Guides and getting to know them.

4) Reduces Stress


Fear and Uncertainty are the two main causes of stress which leads to other health problems like anxiety which can prevent you from future success. Tarot Cards significantly reduce stress by giving a clearer perspective about a situation and offers solutions to how you can change the outcome of a situation. You will also feel confident knowing that you have control over your own destiny and any preconceived ideas or negative thoughts you might of had about a situation will no longer override your thoughts.

5) Improve Quality of your Life


Tarot cards can help highlight areas in your life where you need the most improvement and can help assist you in taking the proper steps needed to becoming a better person or get rid of toxic energy and people that might be holding you back from living a quality life.

Published by Leta B