In Sydney’s melting pot of culture, we’re spoilt for choice with the amount of cuisines available to us. There are thousands of food choices ranging from low cost fast food to expensive fine dining. It can often cause you to freeze in the decision-making process.

“I just want good food at an affordable price!”

Casual dining is hugely popular right now, with a greater number of people wanting to spend less money and enjoy a more relaxed dining setting. Simplicity is key.

Tasty menu? Check!

Value for money? Check!

Friendly customer service? Check!

Good atmosphere? Check!

We’ve highlighted our favourite restaurants in Sydney which hit all of these marks.

RASHAYS Casual Dining is a proud family owned and operated restaurant, focused on amazing value and excellent customer service. The extensive RASHAYS menu, inspired by Italian, American and Australian, has dishes for everyone. Vegetarian to gluten-free, it can cater for any dietary requirement. To say the portion sizes are hearty is an understatement. A customer favourite is the RASHAYS Chicken with Creamy Mushroom Sauce. Whatever you pick, you can guarantee you won’t be going home hungry. Check out RASHAYS, one of the ideally located restaurants in Darling Harbour.

First opening on a humble stall in Taipei, Din Tai Fung restaurants can now be found in a number of countries. Thankfully, Australia is one of them! Once described by world renowned chef, Ken Hom, as the “world’s tastiest dumpling”, it’s no surprise that dumplings are this restaurant’s speciality. You can watch their creators in awe as they are made in super quick time and to scientific precision. At Din Tai Fung, you can cure your hunger for an affordable price, whilst enjoying the lively atmosphere.

All the way from Nashville Tennessee, Belles Hot Chicken is now firmly rooted in Sydney. It will be no surprise that hot chicken is a staple part of the menu. Take your pick from their tenders, wings or drumsticks and choose your heat rating wisely. It ranges from a lightly seasoned “Southern” all the way up to tear-jerking “Really F**kin Hot”. How adventurous/crazy you’re feeling is up to you! Expect a chilled atmosphere with jukebox style tunes playing.

If you’re looking for great burgers at a great price, Chur Burger is the place to go. Situated in food-loving Surry Hills, you’ll find a cool and laid back environment, with chilled background beats. The only problem you’ll face here is with the considerable choice of epic burgers. There are a good range of beef, chicken, pork, lamb and vegetarian burgers. Expect a friendly service too!

The Two Wolves: Community Cantina in Chippendale is a hidden gem. It offers a casual dining experience with a unique twist. As an initiative by The Cardoner Project, it is a volunteer-driven social enterprise eatery. An energetic young team of volunteers serve you a simple street food menu, which is predominantly Mexican (with a few specials dishes from around the world). At The Two Wolves, you’ll eat cheap food in a colourful and quirky space, with a chilled atmosphere.


Published by Jack Louis