1. “Ignighted Kingdom,” by Ingnite



Ignite CBD, founded by Instagram celebrity and poker player Dan Blizerian,   launched its first major ad campaign in the UK recently. The ad “Ignited   Kingdom,” is a clever play on works, alluding to the concept that the entire   United Kingdom is ignited by CBD. The campaign includes an excellent tag line, drawing consumers in. The ad campgain is focused on bringing the UK the infamous chill California vibes that Ignite has already spread throughout the United States. Being that the UK has just legalized the use of CBD, capitalizing on that market is a great move for Ignite. As the brand themselves likes to say, “if you aren’t first, you’re last.” CBD marketing is definitely not a niche you’re going to want to be last in.

2. “Rewrite History,” by Laxir Digital Marketing


The marketing landscape for CBD and other cannabis-related products is riddled with red-tape, but these obstacles have not been enough to deter Laxir Digital Marketing.


RELAXIR.  A specific program for CBD/Cannabis businesses and their digital needs.
The agency’s founder and
marketing wizard and “savage” entrepreneur Ben Guez created the “Rewrite History” campaign, recognizing that the campaign promoted a highly regulated product that many would approach with negative additudes and stereotypes. To counter this, Guez utilized visuals of iconic smokers such as Audrey Hepburn and Al Capone, replacing their cigarettes with vape pens in simple visuals, positioning the vaping alternative as guilt-free and alluding to the growing popularity of vaping. Creating an accepting audience of cannabis is not easy, yet Laxir Digital Marketing has proved that they’re more than ready to step up to the plate.



3. “I am CBD, I am THC” by Diamond CBD https://www.diamondcbd.com/blog/presenting-i-am-cbd-i-am-thc-video-series


Diamond CBD’s new CBD oil products have been a hit with consumers as well as in the wholesale market, helping merchants and retailers to boost sales and bring larger numbers of customers in their doors. Available in  several of the Company’s more popular brands, including Relax, Meds  Biotech, and its own consumer-favorite eponymous brand, these new CBD   oil products brought in over $1.1 million in sales in May alone. In this   campaign there are people mimicking both THC and CBD. They address issues such as the side effects and legal issues when it comes to the product. The campaign was very popular and got a lot of attention in the CBD market.

4. “CannazALL,” by HempLife Today



HempLife Today released a new CBD line, CannazALL, and is working to promote the products using the tag line, “You’re only a few drops away!” From an advertising standpoint, this is a great elves, “A few drops from what?” Of course the answer will vary for everyone. Maybe you’ll be a few drops away from relieving your chronic pain, or maybe you’re just a few drops away from relief from insomnia. With the freedom to use their CBD products to fit your needs, CannazALL is there to help. HempLife Today also introducted a promotional sale with their release of CannazALL called “The $19 Relief Challenge.” For this, first-time customers are given the opportunity to try CannazALL CBD Tincture at just $19 per bottle, which means $10 in savings since the regular price is $29. This challenge allows new customers the chance to order as many bottles as they would like at this price, increasing the average order size, and giving buyers a chance to see if CannazALL Tincture is right for them.

5. “Gimmick Free,” By CBDistillery



What’s a better way to advertise than in the middle of Times Square? The Gimmick-Free campaign, by CBDistillery, calls attention to the CBD industry and the additives that are often found among poorly crafted oils. To show this, they put pictures of their own products next to ones they considered gimmicky and of lesser quality. They call attention to certain marketing ploys, offering a low cost for a natural product. Advertising in Times Square brings significant traffic and really helps the company out in terms of future sales and brand recognition.

Published by Matthew Piggot