There are numerous places in the world for international camps and all of them have some special attraction to visit. All these destinations are popular due to their one-special attraction. Another reason for visiting such places is due to their reference in books, movies and drama series, that’s why people have an urge to visit them.

If you have an intention to visit places with special attractions, then you must read the following. Here we have a list of 5 tourist attractions in the world that urge people to visit it from various places in the world.

1.    Times Square, New YorkCity (NYC)
Time Square is taken to be the heart of New York City. Every year more than 40 million people come to visit this place either for shopping or watching Broadway show and enjoy the view of this destination. In 2009, a tourist area was made especially for the visitors so that they can sit there and enjoy the view of Time Square.

2.    Niagara Falls, Canada
There are several waterfalls in this world but the one waterfall which attracts around 30 million visitors every year is the Niagara Falls. Every year several tourists come to visit Canada for see Niagara Falls exploring its beauty. The height of Niagara Falls range from 70 to 188 feet, people of Canada and USA can easily visit this destination.

3.    Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris
This building is a masterpiece in its gothic architecture. The splendid rose windows, the structures and the decorations all are a major reason for attracting several tourists each year all around the globe.

4.    Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Orlando
This is the best place to be if you want to enjoy a fantasy world, you will find a lot of families particularly with kids visiting this place. The best feature of this place is the Castle of Cinderella.

5.    Grand Bazaar, Istanbul
If you are travelling to Istanbul with your wife or girlfriend do take her to the Grand Bazaar. Every year this place is visited by more than 16 million people, tourists and locals visit this place for cheap jewelry, rugs, crockery and other things.

Published by Mudassar Ali