Every task that we use to perform is done by different type of software. The way dozens of software are available for video editing for windows and mac, hundreds of apps are available for Android and iOS too. These days, developers are concentrating on Smartphone rather than developing software for computers and most people are switching to high-end smartphone and tablets from laptops. Some of them are also best android FX effect images.

Today here we have created a list of 5 wallpaper apps for Android and iOS. Every day thousands of people seek some interesting wallpapers for their Smartphone. Most people end up getting confused among hundreds of options available. Google Images show a vast category of images under a short keyword. But Wallpapers apps have a different category for each field. No one gets confused as options are categorized in different categories. So, let's begin with our list

List of Wallpaper apps for Android


Unsplash is the best wallpaper provider on the internet. Earlier Unsplash was available on the websites but recently they launched their iOS app. Thus, for iPhone users, Unsplash is a one-stop solution for all their wallpaper needs. Unsplash is a simple application but huge collections of wallpapers. Along with this, you can search your desired wallpapers in this app. 


Another app for iOS. Vellum is a tiny wallpaper application that has a very small collection of wallpaper but each and every wallpaper is best in its class. Each and every wallpaper that is present is compatible with all the iPhones including iPhone X. thus, developers are aware of the technology that is being invented every day. Apart from all these, Vellum app is having an inbuilt blur background feature. Through this feature, you can even customize your desired wallpaper. In order to download this app, iPhone users need to visit their apple app store and can get it from there. 


Muzei is a stunning application for Android Users. Muzei offers thousands of free wallpapers. These wallpapers are collected from several sources like Google Earth Images, Freelance photographers, Images directories. Muzei is the best wallpaper app for Android because it has a feature of blurring the background wallpaper. Sometimes we feel like icons and texts aren’t visible but if you will use Muzei then you won’t feel any issue in visibility. Muzei blurs the background wallpaper in order to provide perfect vision on apps and widgets.  


Walli is an android application that mainly focuses on art and realistic wallpapers instead of abstract wallpapers and graphic wallpapers. Walli is the best option for you if you need some realistic wallpapers for your Android Device Walli is only available on Android but very soon developers will launch its iOS app. So, for Android users, Walli is the perfect hub for Wallpapers. 


A very different unique app on the internet. Skyline uses satellite images only and through little bit editing, it converts them into a decent wallpaper. Ironically all the wallpapers look pretty good. Skyline developers had come up with an interesting idea and in a very less time interval, they got more than enough appreciation. If you interested in satellite wallpapers then you can try Skyline. 

These were the 5 best applications that you can download in order to customize your smartphone. All the apps are the best in their respective class and are totally reliable.  

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Published by Kate Westall