The work week can be long, exhausting, and frustrating, whether you work doing online editor jobs, have a regular 9-5 in an office, or work in a factory. In most cases, by the time that you get to Friday, you are more than ready for a break. While it can be tempting to use the weekends to catch up on work, it takes away from your ability to relax and replenish. This relaxation is important for preserving your physical and mental health—so check out these 5 strategies to help you find that weekend energy boost.

Purge the Toxins from Your Body

Over the work week, it can be easy to turn to junk foods for nourishment. However, processed foods and environmental factors cause toxins to accumulate in the body. Over the weekend, cut out the starchy-carbs and unhealthy foods and reset your body. Fasting is useful for a detox, especially when drinking plenty of water. Some foods that you can consume to help you detoxify the body include:

  • Herbs like red clover, burdock root, echinacea, or dandelion

  • Fresh lemon juice

  • Apple cider vinegar

  • Beet juice

  • Carrots

Physical Activity

It can be easy to want to rest up on the weekend and just put your feet up. However, this leaves you with missed opportunities for restoring your internal energy. Instead of lounging around, get moving. Play a game of tennis with a friend, go for a hike in nature, or go for a swim or bike ride.

Exercise is critical because it replenishes the flow of oxygen and nutrients through the body. It also stimulates the movement of fluid in the lymphatic system, which will circulate the blood and remove additional toxins.

Cultivate Stillness

Stillness is something that fully replenishes the mind. It gives you a sense of mental clarity and brings about a new focus for the week ahead. Cultivating stillness can involve going to a yoga class or practicing meditation. You may also sit on the beach, walk through a river, or hike through the woods to commune with nature and focus on breathing. This stillness will leave you feeling replenished and recharged.

Catch Up on Sleep

For some people, the last thing that they want to do on the weekend is sleep. However, regularly missing out on sleep has been attributed to health problems and can a constant state of fatigue. You know what your body needs to feel refreshed. Try to get at least 6-10 hours nightly, depending on how you feel. Do not be afraid to take advantage and sleep in a little—but try not to mess your sleep schedule up for work too much either.

Do Things that Satisfy You

People who are more satisfied are happier. They feel their life has a purpose, which can give them the energy and drive to get through the workplace. For some people, satisfaction has to do with resting over the weekend or doing the things that you love. For others, it means donating time to a charity or organization to help people or animals. The weekend is the best time to fit these activities in, as a reminder of why you work through the week.

Rather than fretting over what is coming in the week ahead or playing catch-up, use the weekends for replenishment and relaxation. It can be tempting to work, especially if weekends are busy like they are for a professional dissertation writer. Following these tips will ensure you are ready to get back to work when Monday rolls around.

Published by Charlesa Gibson