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Thanksgiving is usually spent at a close family member or friends house so you may want to feel a little comfortable while not looking like you didn’t try at all.

Here are some tips on how to dress for Thanksgiving:

  • Sweaters: A simple sweater, sweater dress or cardigan are good choices. These will not only keep you warm but can help hide any food babies.
  • Color Choices: Typical fall colors would like good. Mainly yellow, browns and olives but any color would really work.
  • Leggings or Jeggings: This is where the comfort part comes in. For a day focused on eating it’s probably best to have a little stretch in your pants.
  • A-Line Skirt: Not only super cute but also forgiving! Pair it with some tights or over-the-knee boots and a nice blouse.
  • Beauty Tip: Wear a lip stain or a matte liquid lipstick that lasts. ColourPop is a good inexpensive option and Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kits is another option, a little more expensive.

Black Friday

Black Friday is a crazy time to shop. However, there are so many irresistible deals that there has to be an easier way to get in and get out.

Here are a few tips for how to do Black Friday shopping without getting into fights:

  • Shop Lesser Known Stores: Try looking for the same or similar item at a less popular store. For example, that 30-Inch TV for $100 is not only at WalMart. It may be at one of your local chain stores. Here we have Gordmans and they had them there. There was a line there, but it was nowhere near as long as the Walmart or Target lines.
  • Shop with a Team: If you must go to the larger stores, bring someone with you. They can stand in line while you grab the item and then you guys will be out in no time! You may also want to have other friends getting items at separate stores in case they run out early.
  • Go Earlier in the Week: Friday may not actually have the best deals or it may not be the only day. Check your stores that Wednesday or on Thanksgiving.
  • Cyber Monday: Whatever you didn’t get to buy on Black Friday, look online for Cyber Monday. There are usually great online deals, too.
  • Be Social: Lastly, follow your favorite stores on social media. They may announce special promotions or deals.

Side note: My Birthday is coming up on November 20th! There may or may not be a bonus Birthday-related post.

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