When people talk about them in the world of fashion, they may call them bodysuit, onesies, or leotards. But regardless of how they are made or how they are worn, they are leotards and they came from the world of dance.

Leotards are one-piece suits that fit tightly from the shoulders to the tops of the thighs. They are a lot like a one-piece swimsuit. Leotards can be worn to dance in, exercise in, and wear with the latest fashions.

Some leotards have beautiful sleeves to accent them. Others are sleeveless, short sleeved, and some have a high neckline that resembles a turtleneck. Most of the snap between the legs for easy access. While some places sell them at outrageous prices, you can get stylish, well-made leotards at an incredible price.

5 ways to wear leotards with everyday clothes

  • Combine your leotard with a pair of low-rider jeans. Be sure not to wear a leotard that is cut high on the hip. That would look odd if you were to bend or dance and a bit of skin showing at the top of the hip-band, But wearing a leotard with low cut pants lets you remove the issue of your bottom playing peek-a-boo when you move,

  • Leotards are perfectly combined with pants or skirts made of leather. There is no pantie line, no need for spanks, and they allow for an amazing color combination.

  • Transparent dresses with sequins. These are going to be hot for this season. It is difficult to find a slip that fits right and stays put. Your party dress will wow the crowd! Try a unique color combination and accessorize with matching shoes.

  • You can look at any fashion magazine and see a Kardashian in an open weave dress or skirt. You can match the leotard with the color or the weave or wear a nude color that is a red carpet look. For these looks, a U-shaped, or V-shaped back is the look you are going for.

  • There is nothing cuter for summer than the flared mini skirt, sneakers, and a high-neck leotard. Again, a scoop back gives this a halter look. You can wear this anywhere that has a casual feel, and look fantastic. If you are going to be out at night, you might combine this with some matching leggings.

Bra or no bra?

This is a personal choice best discussed with your instructor. A quality leotard is tight fitting, well-stitched and comfortable without a bra. If your leotard is thin, you may consider pasties. If you must wear a bra, you will not want a bra that hooks in the back, leaving an unsightly bump. There are bras that work well with a leotard and some that simply support the breast with no banding. Your dance teacher is the best person to help you with this.

Photo credit: George Gvasalia


  • Leotards are meant to fit snuggly. Do not order a size up. They are designed to fit just as stated.

  • Have several colors. You never know when you need one and basic black will not do.

  • Understand, they are made with a variety of fabrics. This includes spandex. If you are allergic to any material, please check before you buy.

  • If you wear leotards for dance and for casual, keep a fresh one in your gym bag. You do not want to get a last-minute call and find you do not have one that doesn’t smell like beer.

Once you look at leotards as more than exercise outfits, you will find many uses for them. You will be amazed at how many times they could have made your life easier. Don’t take our word for it. Give it a try for yourself and you will see. Leotards are part of fashion!


Published by Zachary McGavin