The ever-growing world of the network is making network security policies more and more demanding. With the recent data breaches even in places like Sony, the need for a more complex network security policy is inevitable. This is where a Security policy change management can make things easier for your IT teams. 

While there are many companies promising your solutions, the approach to network security management would need to drastically change. You can’t find the influx of modern threats with obsolete means of detection and problem-solving. 

So, find out if you are making the 5 common mistakes in setting up your security policy change management.

5 Common Mistakes in Security Policy Change Management 

Without further delay here are common traps most leading business IT teams that fall prey to. 

The Purpose Approach 

Most IT teams in drawing up security policy change management, focus more on the journey, like the protocols, VPNs and more. But hardly on an application-centric approach. Most network blocks communicate to some business application or the other. 

So, what you should be doing is focusing on your applications rather than the VPN and protocols. 

Failure to Document 

All your network security policies have many, many rules that communicate with each application. You may have to make network security policy changes and remembering ‘rules ‘are not easy. Therefore, we always suggest paying attention to how you document your network security policy rules. 

Cowboy Changes 

You know that all IT teams have cowboy changes when there is an immediate need to make security changes. While the intention behind it is golden but in practical times, outer security changes can even render your application unusable. 

So, we always suggest that you not allow such immediate outer network security policy changes in your network system. 

Say ‘NO ‘to Idle Communication 

There are many communications between your applications that are ineffective. You would want to narrow down the permission to the very exact network security policy change management. In the end, finding your network optimized and being efficient is exactly the goal for your business IT team. 

And finally! 

Firewall Settings for Decommissioned Apps 

We set the rules and built this effective network security system. But what we hardly ever do is, set the firewall settings for the apps we decommission. And, that can have a vacuum of open access in your network security policy change management. 

Meaning that you are creating a perfect environment for hackers and attackers all over to have access to your network system. And, that is how big companies like SONY even incur ransom attacks. 


We have tried our best to list you the most made mistakes by the leading IT teams in companies when it comes to the network security policy change management. I hope this article helps you iron out the bumps in your network security system. 

The security of your data holds the key to the reputation of your business and your network security management helps you do that. 

Published by Shahbaz Ahmed