Most of us focus on the interiors of our home while construction but in reality, the
exterior creates the first impression about your house hence it needs to look
fabulous. We have listed a few design ideas that will make your home exterior stand

1. Maintaining Symmetry:

Do you know the main architectural idea of the Mughals was to create symmetry in
their design? Hence, whenever you visit a Mughal monument, notice how their
gardens are symmetrical as well as their buildings. In fact, in Taj Mahal, which is one
of the seven wonders of the world, you will see a building on the right which was just
constructed to make it symmetrical with the mosque on the left.

The idea to maintain symmetry on the outdoor is just to make your home look well
balanced. The symmetry should also be in your garden so that it is pleasing to the
eyes. Make sure your door is centred, there is nearly the same number of
windows on both sides, and the pathway is at the centre to make your house look

2. Creating a Functional Exterior:

Your home construction should be such that it follows the needs of each of its
members, the same principle should be applied for the exterior of the house. If you
have more than one car, make sure you have space in your garage and driveway to
park the cars. If your family member is an artist, there are large windows to be able
to look out through to be inspired by nature and to make sure that natural light
comes in.

3. Quality Along with Aesthetics:

Aesthetics is important for the outdoor of the house so is the material of construction.
Do not compromise on the quality just for the look. You will get good quality material
such as tumbled stone, sleek steel or wood panels to create the exterior which will
also reflect your personality. Fencing your garden is also important for aesthetic
appeal but again the quality matters as the purpose of fencing is to keep the critters
away, hence experts from will help you choose the
right critter fence which will look aesthetically appealing as well.

4. Choose the Right Garage Doors:

A big portion of your home exterior is the garage door hence you need to focus on
choosing the right door, which is durable, safe and looks good as well. You cannot
compromise on the safety and nowadays you will find safe and aesthetically
appealing garage doors in the market to choose from.

5. Design a Beautiful Entryway:

The entryway of your home is extremely important as that defines your home
exteriors. Paint your home in colours which will hide the flaws. Choose two shades
from the same colour as this approach always works. Also, design the pathway in the
centre of the building as that will keep the balance. Also, choose a good quality door
which has a great design. Add some seating in the porch, add sufficient lights in the
entryway for safety, add a few plants and place a rug to make it appealing and

Designing the home exterior is an important decision as you can change the interiors
easily but later on, changing the exteriors may become a costly affair hence choose
wisely a design that reflects who you are.

Published by Kavita Paliwal