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Today I am going to share 5 easy DIY iPhone cases with you guys. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out and hence cannot wait to show you guys how I did it. I think they are super cute and extremely adorable! As I own an iPhone 6 Plus, I have made cases for my phone but you can do this for whichever phone you own. If you are like me who loves diy projects and prefers to customize one for yourself rather than buying one then I'm sure you'll love this post. So let's get right into it ;)

My 1st case is an Heart Shaped Studded iPhone Case!

For this case you will require a plain black iPhone case, a hot glue gun and some studs! Yes that's it. Isn't it simple? All you have to do is place the studs in the shape of a heart as shown in the picture below. And once you're satisfied with its shape go ahead and secure it in place with the help of a hot glue gun. And Voila! There you have it. Your very own Heart Shaped Studded iPhone Case!

My 2nd iPhone case is a Blow Paint Case!

This one is really fun to make. For this case you will require a plain black iPhone case, letter stickers, some acrylic paint bottles (you can choose any colors according to your preference or you can pick blue,yellow,orange and green just like I did) and a straw. I chose the word LOVE for my case, you can go and choose anything of your choice. You could also pick letter stickers of your own name! ;)

First spray paint your letter stickers white (If you don't have a white spray paint bottle you can also go ahead and paint them white) Now stick your letters wherever you find they look the best. Then grab your straw and dip it in one color and blow the color onto the case. Be careful with this step. Remember to not to go too close to the case with blowing or else you will end up with much bigger dots than desired. Also use different straws for each color. Do try this step on a paper first if you aren't confident and once you're confident go ahead and have fun blowing them onto the case! Get colorful and get creative!

The 3rd case is The Cute EYE Case!

This one turned out to be super adorable! For this case you will need some spray paint bottles and eye buttons. I used dark blue,light blue and white. You can choose any colors of your choice. Start by spray painting the upper half case completely with white spray paint. Then spray paint the lower half blue. Now hold the spray paint bottle even far than you would actually do while spray painting. Far enough to give you dots and not the complete opaque look. This part is the trickiest, but once you get a hold of this you're done. Finish off my sticking the 2 eye buttons in place. Also do not forget to let your case dry completely or else you'll regret later just as I did (Oh yes I'll admit I'm very bad when it comes to being patient :P)

The 4th case is The Tumblr iPhone Case!

Yes, this one is so Tumblry and I absolutely love it! It's for those who love Tumblr and also has a girly edge to it. For this case you'll require a pink iPhone case and some image cut outs of your choice. All you have to do is scroll through your favorite Tumblr images on google and paste all of them onto your Microsoft Word file. Print it out and then cut all of the images individually. Place them onto your case to see where you most like it and once you're happy with the result it's time to glue all of them down. Also try overlapping few as it helps give a better look to your case. And once you're done you have your very own customized Tumblr Case! :D

The last one is Sticker Magic Case!

I called it sticker magic since you achieve a cute design on removing the stickers. For this case all you require is an iPhone case of any color (I chose purple), black spray paint bottle,stickers of your choice and a tweezer. This one I think is the easiest amongst all. Place your stickers onto your case whenever you feel it will look the best. Get creative and feel free to use as many stickers as you want. I kept it minimal though. Now with your stickers on spray paint your case using the black spray paint bottle. Don't forget to spray paint the edges on your iPhone case too. If you feel the color isn't opaque then wait the paint to dry for a few minutes and then add another layer of spray paint to it. Now just remove the stickers carefully with the help of the tweezers. And you're done! Wasn't that simple?

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and found it helpful. Do give them a try and enjoy flaunting your  very own and unique iPhone case! ;)

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