In continuation to my 5- steps series; after pondering about 5 ways to nurture a healthy body, it is now time to enter into an inspirational mode. With an aim to motivate and strengthen our inner mind, this piece will prompt us to retrospect and reflect from deep within. By holding the strong foundation of our existence, mind plays an important role all through our life. Powering our ideas, thoughts, beliefs and faith, this mind keeps us on the go. Though mind seems to occupy a small portion of the physical body, it influences our life to a great extent. By controlling our attitude, responses, experiences and memories, mind holds the key to success.

   Just as food and exercises enhance the physical strength of our body, the mind too looks around for its own enhancers. Positive thoughts, confidence, courage, willpower and determination are some of the aspects that can train our mind for growth. It is extremely essential to harbor positive and happy outlook towards life. As a reflection of inner thoughts, our deeds and actions speak about us as humans. Kindness, compassion, humility, tolerance are some of the qualities essential for a happy living. When I look around for inspiration, I realize that true motivation comes from deep within.

  Loving and helping ourselves is the perfect way to bring out the best in us. Justifying the thought ‘God helps those who help themselves, it is necessary to work hard towards our own goals. Though our parents, siblings, friends and life partner may inspire us with new ideas and encourage us to pursue our goals, it is not possible to achieve them unless we trust ourselves. Having faith, confidence, love and respect for our own mind goes a long way in taking us towards the desired destination. Though we are taught about social values and encouraged to make new friends, we are rarely taught about the significance of loving our own life. As we love and respect our own existence, we experience increasing affection towards this gift called life. While it is essential to devote time towards our loved ones, it is equally necessary to find our own me-time.

   Spending quality time with our inner mind encourages us to explore our own happiness, strengths, weaknesses, desires and goals. As we invest our energy in retrospection and self-analysis, we realize many significant aspects for our success. While such kind of thinking opens the door to victory, it also makes us truly happy. Identifying these factors and working towards their development can bring positive changes in our life. By realizing the true source of these factors, we can spread the message to those around us.

What are the aspects that demand contribution from our inner self? What factors are more influential, when they originate from the inner roots of our life?

Let us look at the 5 factors that we must seek from our inner mind.


  1. Confidence

      No matter how many doses of confidence are pumped into you by your parents or how many praises are showered upon you by your friends and well-wishers, real package of confidence is delivered by your very own mind. Unless we feel confident to accept challenges, face troubles, fulfill tasks and reach to the goals, we cannot hope to achieve either of this.

   Confidence acts as a power pill and prompts us to believe in ourselves. While we may not be the best in trade or the first in rank, we can still hope to achieve our dreams by being confident. Confidence is not required for success alone, it is also essential to keep us active, energized, powerful and happy.

   So whether you are working hard for a difficult task or just engaging in fun elements, remember to wear your robe of confidence!


2. Happiness

  Often misinterpreted as anti-social behavior, seeking self-happiness does not equate with lack of active social life. It only means hunting for things that make us truly happy. Be it our job or hobby, passion or ambition, there are several ways by which we can find our source of happiness.

   Being happy does not mean expensive luxuries or powerful assets, it translates to the need to be contended, satisfied, peaceful and stable. If we find our happiness, we can radiate it to those around. Staying happy and cheerful brings energy into our system, making us excited for the future ahead. Though external sources and people can make us happy, it cannot replace the purity of inner happiness.

     Stay happy and spread your smiles.


3. Trust

    If we trust ourselves, we strengthen the ability to gain success. We learn the virtues of patience, faith, belief and understanding, as our trust prompts us to stay firm and determined. Unless we trust ourselves, we cannot expect to gain the same from others. It is important to believe in our efforts and stay strong throughout.

    Our inner trust shows the ability to fight challenges and face difficulties. This makes it essential to develop the factors of trust and belief always.

     Trust yourself, after all you are the master of your life.


4. Patience

    When I look at people with loads of patience, I admire their ability to stay calm even amidst difficulties and troubles. Though I hope to grab this aspect from their behavior, I realize it is not possible to learn or gain it from outside. Patient attitude needs a pact with our inner self to stay peaceful, calm and considerate always.

   Patience cannot be developed overnight, it needs a willing attitude that believes in self. No matter how many uncertainties cross our path, this virtue of patience can keep us focused.

  Keep calm and enjoy life.


5. Willingness to succeed    

     We may be bombarded with suggestions, ideas, advice and lessons at every stage of our life, but unless we develop a willingness to accomplish something, we cannot succeed. It is necessary to frame our own goals, ambitions, dreams and desires, as we are responsible for our own life. Though our family, teachers, friends and colleagues may be with us along every step of the struggle, we must exhibit a desire to succeed and invest efforts in the right direction.

 Help yourself and succeed with happiness.


Remember these 5 factors and inculcate them in your life, after all as the architect of your life, you must arrange for your own bricks and stones!


Published by Lavanya