Here are five fantastic ways to increase your energy and reset your mood:

♥ Have a happy thought.  Think about something you love.  Remember a moment when you laughed.  Tell yourself a joke.  Our thoughts are under our control.  Choose some happy thoughts.

♥ Smile.  Just the very act of smiling can raise your energy.  When you share a smile with someone, that energy can double.  Smile often and share your smiles.

♥ Spend time in nature.  Your favorite pond, stream, forest, hiking path or backyard are some of the best places to re-energize ourselves.  Spending time outdoors helps us connect with nature and ourselves.

♥ Dance, dance, dance.  Shake out those heavy, dense emotions.  Dance them away.  Turn on some music and just move.  It’s a wonderful way to work out that heavy emotion and let it flow on away.

♥ Dream.  Dream big.  Dream often.  Dream up new adventures for yourself.  Dream up your next creative project.  Dream up some new goals.  We never stop being young when we dream.


Photo credit: Dyan Diamond

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