The beautiful nights and heated winds of summer are definitely something we're all enamored with, but when it comes to fashion it's hard to dress variously when everything just seems to make the heat more ruthless. That's why one of my favorite seasons for fashion is Autumn; it's chilly sometimes, but not so much where it's too uncomfortable. For this coming up Autumn I think there's some key pieces you should stock up on now, because once the leaves start changing you'll be prepared to bust out your own lil' fashion show!

1. Rompers. I feel like rompers are extremely unrelated. If your in one of those places that have warm weather all through September and October, these would be perfect for you! Not only are they so chic in general but a lot of them provide enough coverage to stay warm but also to stay cool. I love long-sleeve silk rompers, I feel like they're becoming a big trend these days. I love this versatile piece and it's such a blessing for spring as well.

2. Cardigans. For the longest time, cardigans were considered to be essentials to every wardrobe, but since then it seems like everyone has switched to flannel shirts. Flannels are cute but we all need to remember what we love about cardigans! A basic cardigan can make jeans and a tee look more put together, also adding some extra warmth. So whenever autumn rolls around I pull out my cardigans and make hundreds of looks. Essential!

3. Eau de toilettes. This isn't necessarily a fashion item, but, I don't know about anyone else but I think no outfit is complete without perfume. In the summer wearing heavy/gourmand perfumes seems unappealing which is why we all use tropicals, coconut etc body mists. But when it comes to fall, the best transition to me is getting a designer eau de toilette, from a house like Marc  Jacobs (Daisy Eau So Fresh is a classic), Escada et cetera. The thing about eau de toilettes is they are stronger than a body mist but not as heavy as an eau de parfum. So as the weather changes I think it's vital to have a nice spritz of one of these beauties, and there's always the possibility of reapplying as the day goes on. That way you won't be too overbearing, but you'll still have a classic quality perfume in your midst.

4. High-Heeled Booties. These are by far my favorite type of shoes...most of the time I'm wearing booties. They can go with any outfit, whether it's for school, the office, dinner, wherever. A lot of people get intimidated by this because they think that just because they're high-heeled that means they're hard to walk in, but that isn't true. I can run in a lot of my booties! They're comfortable and since your feet are housed in the safety of the boot, there's not as much ankle twisting and tripping. If you're going to buy a pair of booties for this season, I definitely recommend a classic pair of black booties.

5. Rings & Neutral Nail Colors. If you're anything like me, the wind makes me chilly enough to wear a cardigan or sweatshirt or even just a long-sleeve tee. The bad thing with that is it can cover up your arm candy...You can't always see wrist bling when your arm is covered and warm. That's why in place of bracelets I thing it's always fun to throw on some statement rings. In addition to that, I always feel that one of the biggest fall necessities is neutral nail colors. Taupes and nudes and things always go so well with any outfit, somehow capturing the essence of autumn. Spring I like pastels, summer is for brights, but autumn is when I always wear my neutrals. Especially if you're piling on some ring bling, these will go so well! They won't clash yet they're so pretty and simple in general.

So that's what I've been thinking about. Is it too soon to be thinking about fall? Either way I definitely am, I love getting to change up my wardrobe for a new season! What are your fall necessities?

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Published by Abby Lorenn