Of all the hair removal methods known to women, only two are completely painless. We outline them in this article.

Hair removal is a chore that most women must contend with for several years of their lives. It is annoying and time consuming, and methods like waxing and shaving can also be quite painful.

However, you can try two painless hair removal methods, using a women’s trimmer or a depilatory cream, to get rid of body hair. Here’s all you need to know about them:

#1 An electric trimmer is a fast and simple tool to remove facial hair.

Though you can wax, shave and apply hair removal creams to your limbs, bikini zone and underarms, you cannot use these methods for removing facial hair. The facial skin is quite delicate and any harsh hair removal methods may leave patchy and damaged skin. Instead, you can opt for a women’s trimmer to remove facial hair. The best electric trimmers are designed to shape the eyebrows, remove a unibrow, and remove hair from the sideburns and upper lip. The hair is merely trimmed at the surface, so it is painless and quick.

#2 But the trimmed hair grows back quickly as well.

As convenient as it is to remove hair using the women’s trimmer, do note that since the hair is only cut at the skin’s surface, it grows back quicker as well. The hair continues to grow at its usual speed, so you will see the regrowth surfacing in a couple of days. The good news is that you can use the trimmer often and have hair-free skin in under two minutes. You can use the trimmer to remove hair from the bikini line and underarms as well.

#3 A depilatory cream also offers a painless hair removal solution.

The best depilatory creams are formulated with skin-friendly ingredients that are fast acting. They also offer a completely painless method of hair removal that is quick and convenient. Apply an ever layer of the cream on the skin, and wait for a few minutes. The cream reduces the hair to a jelly-like consistency which can be wiped away with a flannel. Rinse the skin with cold water and pat dry.

#4 Depilatory creams do not offer long periods of hair-free skin.

Though the depilatory cream works just under the surface of the skin, it does not remove hair from the roots. Hence, the follicle can rebuild itself quicker than it would if you were to wax the hair. However, you can look forward to hair-free skin for at least five days after using the cream.

#5 Depilatory creams are available as per skin type.

Leading brands offer depilatory creams designed for different skin types. You can pick a cream even for sensitive skin, or one formulated with herbal ingredients. But always conduct a patch test 24 hours prior to using the product, even if you have picked a cream for your skin type. If there are no adverse effects, then you can use the cream.

Published by Mohsin Ahsan