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I thought I tell you guys some foundation hacks that I use whenever I wear foundation. I don't normally wear foundation all the time, but when I do, I try and use these hacks as it is a great way to save time, make it last longer and all those other things that you need for your foundation to look perfect

1) Don't want your face to look cakey? Then follow this hack! Powder is a great way to set your foundation and to keep your face matte, but you should apply powder all over your face. Powder your face, just along your T-Zone. This is where your most likely to be oily  and this way will prevent your foundation from running! This will make sure that your foundation lasts longer too!

At the moment, I am using Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Transparent

Where can you buy this?

Superdrug - £3.99

Boots - £3.99

Feelunique - £3.99

2) This hack is something that I always do and I feel like it's an important instruction to do. This is to start putting your foundation from the middle. This is because, you get most oily and redness in the T-Zone area, which means this is where most of your foundation should be, to get the highest coverage. Start from your nose and work your way up to your forehead and then to your chin and the apples of your cheeks. Evenly buff in your foundation from there.

3) This hack will always help you and your skin! It is best to keep your brush stokes doing downwards, when applying your foundation. This way, it will prevent your foundation from filling up your pores and making them stand out. As well as, it will stop any fuzzy facial hair from lifting and making it more noticeable. By using this technique, it will give you a smoother finish.

4) Another hack, that I would do after putting my foundation is to use a setting spray to finish off. By doing this, I get a natural finish and my face looks refreshed. At the moment, I am using NYX Make Up Setting Spray  for a dewy finish and to make sure my foundation last long!

You can purchase NYX Make Up Setting Spray at

Boots - £7.00

Amazon - £9.97

5) A last hack that I want to recommend to always is to check your foundation in natural light. I know it can be odd, but it is important that you do this as you want to make sure that the foundation doesn't make you look to pale, or dark or even orange, before you head out of the door! Make sure you do this to save your self from embarrassment!


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