According to Statista Inc., one of the leading statistics company on the internet, as of the year 2016, there are already 2.2 billion social media users all around the world. I know this would be me stating the obvious, but that’s a lot of people.

    Sadly, a large part of that demographic is not occupied by blogging sites like this. It’s sad because I believe that blogging can be so powerful if only used properly. Instead of devoting your time sharing videos on Facebook about cats or recipes we both know you’ll never try, why not try to start a blog and actually benefit from it?

Here are 5 good reasons on why you should start a blog:


It serves as your portfolio.

  •  Blogs can reflect your interest, intellectual background, skills, and work ethics. If you’re a college undergrad or even a graduate, having a blog can give you an advantage when looking for a job compared to those who doesn’t have one. Employers would usually ask for a working experience, and for undergrads and fresh graduates, what experience do they have aside from the internship? Having a blog that is regularly updated could show that you’re socially aware and that you are creative with a good intellectual background.


It serves as your online profile.

  • If someone would look you up online, would you like them to see the random things you share on your timeline on Facebook, which I bet involves memes of Taylor Swift or some tagged photo of you that’s not even cute, or would you like it to be something that looks professional and would make you look smart? Want the latter? Then you shouldn’t rely on Facebook alone for your online profile. Your blog could be the perfect way for you to present yourself in a manner wherein everyone would love to be you.


It is a good way to meet new people.

  • Blogs, just like any other social media platform can serve as an avenue to socialize and meet new people with more or less the same interest as you. If you think that Instagram connects you to creative people, imagine how blogs, where people actually gives you a hint of what’s going on inside their head, could satisfy your needs for creative knowledge.


It is a good creative outlet.

  • If you’re inclined in writing, literature, journalism, and the likes, blogging can be quite enjoyable to you. Aside from the fact that it’s free, blogging can also sharpen your writing, reading, grammar, and creative skills. If you’re not into writing though, this could be a good place to start. Who knows? You might end up earning a living from it.


It has it perks.

  • As mentioned on the last item, people do actually earn a living from blogging. Ever heard of Camille Co,Nicole Anderson, or Angel Juarez? They are just some of the most popular Filipino bloggers in the country. They’ve been featured in news reports, travel, fashion, food, and lifestyle magazines and websites and earned not just popularity and freebies, but also money. Lots of it. So if you’re someone who loves freebies (like me), start blogging.


(originally posted on my personal blog

Published by Denise Viray