When it comes to sports, the velocity of a player is significant because it is one of the most important elements in winning the competition. Experts say that weighted vest speed training is an effective way for athletes to increase their level of speed. 

Most equipment nowadays is not helpful in improving the performance of all athletes. Athletes can longer perform their natural running mechanics and sometimes it pushes them in uncomfortable positions. Luckily, the coaches found a new and efficient solution for their major problem. 

The use of weighted vest during their speed training increases the resistance of movement in properly improving game speed. The following lists are the right impact of using a weighted vest for speed drills.


With the help of weighted vest, athletes can improve their potential in generating force. It is sufficient for significant and faster jump, and plyo’s on the ground. When the athlete became comfortable and can already handle the weight, you can add another set of weights for intense training. 

Acceleration of Speed

To accelerate effectively, athletes must travel over gravity for better control. With the use of the weighted vest, the athlete can now overcome gravity. The additional force provided by the garment will also help for an adequate acceleration of speed. When the athlete can accelerate properly while using the vest, it is a good sign that he/she can dominantly accelerate with his/her bodyweight. This concept is also applicable to improving the change of direction movements. 

Post-Activation Potentiation Ability

The post-activation potentiation or PAP is an ability that bonds a group of muscle.  It is to perform a lighter or large movement when the tiredness of an athlete replenishes. The maximum muscles bond together allows a single muscle to activate more motor units. 

It allows the athlete to do an explosive movement after a short period of rest. Aside from jumping and acceleration, the use of weighted vest also improves the post-activation potentiation of an athlete. The athlete can perform one big movement while wearing the vest and then take a short rest.

After that, the athlete must perform another excessive movement without wearing the vest. On the second round, you will discover that the athlete became more explosive than before. 

Group Training

Sometimes, athletes need to work out together with their teammates.  Since weighted vest can take off and on from the body quickly, it is perfect for group settings. 

Most brand of vest comes with adjustable side string which can accommodate wide range athletes. If the group composed of 18 athletes, you will only need 6-8 vest connected from one another so that they can train together. 

Good Condition

The use of weighted vest for speed drill is an excellent preparation for athletes in improving their speed. However, athletes should not wear the weighted vest most of their work out as it may damage their body condition. 

It may be the fastest way for improving the level of their speed, but our human body has a capacity. Some changes will occur right after your intense workout. If you want to improve your speed ability, consider using weighted vest but avoid wearing it most of the time. 

Avoid wearing this tool with heavy weight. Do not abuse your body by carrying heavy loads during the routines as it may hurt your back. 

There’s a lot of workout equipment that works efficiently on speed drills. But as mentioned above, a weighted vest is also considered as one of the most efficient ways of improving your speed level. Since running is also known as an effective means to burning fats, you can also do it with the vest to achieve your goal in a short period. 

Reference: PushToFitness.Com is a weighted vest resource blog. Discover more resources on fitness clothing.

Published by Maria Simpson