Video games mean bad health, laziness and fat you. But not anymore! Although games have gained a bad rap, according to the recent researches and studies been conducted on video games and gamers, it has been proved to be an amazing activity for your health, thereby improving your memory, vision, surgeon abilities and other aspects. Want to know how?

Read below to know how playing video games affect your health positively.

Reasons Why You Should Continue To Play Video Games:

Video games demand full attention, your memory, your brain and everything that other activities like watching TV, reading or sleeping do not require. That is the reason why gaming is healthy and beneficial for the gamers. Let us know how video games are helpful in our well-being.

#1: Games Give You Control of Your Memory:

This benefit is associated with the challenging games like educational or puzzle games produced by top-notch brands such as Nintendo Switch educational and the likes, that not only make you forget all your worries and stress at the moment but also helps control the painful recollection of past trauma. This is not what we are saying, this fact has been backed up by the series of studies in Oxford University where the stress patients group who played games for several weeks performed better and overall showed fewer symptoms of PTSD. This is because of the fact that pattern-matching games like Tetris and Candy Crush offer visual processing power of the brain so effectively that previous flashbacks are severely disrupted.

#2: Games give you More Control Over your Dreams:

According to the psychological research conducted out at Grant MacEwan University in Canada, playing video games give the gamers more control of their dreams and decrease nightmares by half. The reason behind this fact is thought to be related to the practice that gamers have in inhabiting an alternate reality.

#3: Video Games Make Us Better People:

Strategy games such as Brawl Stars can change your thinking behaviour in order to make the gamers wiser, ethical and practical. According to the Scot Osterweil, creative director at MIT’s Education Arcade, "We don’t believe that playing the game will automatically help players take better perspectives in their own lives, but we think the game represents a playful way of introducing ideas that can be further developed through reflective conversation with others, and through additional activities provided on the website.” N matter what the theory is behind the fact, but the thing is video games makes us better.

#4: Video Games Helps To Improve the Vision:

Another study conducted out on the video games showed that they improve vision. This fact has been backed up by study ran by Daphne Bavelier of the University of Rochester that indicated that games enhance vision by making gamers sensitive to slightly different shades of color, known as contrast sensitivity.

Another research on the effects of video games on vision highlighted the fact that gamers who play action-based video games are 58 percent better at perceiving fine differences in contrast.

#5: Games Make You More Optimistic:

As a matter of fact, any player or gamer who ever picked up the controller knows that “Game Over” is the final destination. Moreover, all the games give the players an immediate chance to retry, thereby giving the gamers more of knowledge, experience, and skills to complete your quest. And if you see, the real life works the same way. The scientists from Europe and North America reported that gamers have higher gray matter volume in the reward processing area of the brain. In other words, gamers who play more than nine hours or higher are devoted, motivated and optimistic than non-gamers.

Not only this, playing video games reduces pains, anxiety, and stress and improves motor sensitivity. They also make gamers better people, reduce their cravings for cigarettes, drugs, ice creams, nicotine, and sugars. While there are medications and pharmaceutical offerings for these conditions, you can get rid of them simply by playing video games. Video games train the brain and help the gamers in their real- life activities. So blow off all those bad habits and improve your health by playing video games in all your spare time. 

Published by Edna Francis