I want to explore the world on my own but most of the time I travel with friends for two reasons; safety and fun. It is safer to go with a group instead of going alone and went to a strange place where you don’t know who to trust. Second, going on trips with friends is fun especially if you share the same passion and loves the challenge of discovering new places. But there are women who love to travel on their own. Going on adventures in your own is fun and exciting but there are things you need to consider in order to have a smooth and safe trip.

Here are 5 helpful tips for women traveling solo:

Make a Plan

Obviously, you need to have a plan. It is important to plan every aspect of the trip from destination, accommodation, transportation and budget. To be safe, always prepare for the unexpected and have a plan B ready.

Pick Your Destination

Make an itinerary. Where to begin and where to end? How many destinations can you accomplish within your trip? If you want to be in a comfortable place, choose women-friendly places. Experienced traveler can go wherever they want but for someone who just started traveling, make sure to research the place first.  

Pack Lightly

My friend always tells me to pack lightly. However, I always fail in doing so. It feels like I need everything inside my bag even the unnecessary things. My sister always tells me that I look like someone who is going to have a 1 month vacation instead of an overnight trip.  But for women travelling alone, there is no one there to carry your bags for you. Its going to be hard dragging a suitcase up and down stairs at stations and airports. Always carry the important things. You can always buy what you need where ever you are going.


Another important thing to remember when travelling alone is your safety. Remember that a woman alone is like an open box. Because no one is there to look after you, be prepared for everything. Know a little bit about the place you are visiting, the culture and its people.

Most importantly do not forget to ENJOY!

Because you want it, you plan for it, and spend a lot of money for it, then you must enjoy! Make the most out of your trip! Take a lot of pictures. That’s my number one goal when travelling. I want to get a many memories and remembrance as I can. 

Published by Anabelle Suravilla