The technology has been reaching new highs lately, and the education sector is not behind in it. Technology has been helping us with everything, from entertainment, to fitness; why not use it for learning too? Everyone has their own views, positive and negative, on making education technology aided. However, no one can deny the positive impact technology can have on the teaching sector. It has changed the face of education and has made it possible for learning to be fun and interactive. There are many student-friendly gadgets and apps that have been invented in the hopes of making everyone’s life easier. Thankfully to many applications, the atmosphere of the classroom has become more interactive and lively. There are plenty of examples that have proved that the combination of education and technology can do wonders. If the speed with which technology is moving forward remains the same, soon the classroom will begin to provide an experience of its own. Here are some high-tech gadgets that are making classrooms smarter.

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1. SmartBoards

An interactive whiteboard, or commonly known as a Smart Board, is a useful tool that adds interactivity and collaboration in the classroom. If you want to integrate media content into your lectures, this is the device you are looking for. These whiteboards are the evolution of classroom whiteboards or blackboards. The traditional whiteboards are great, but today we need more than to make our lectures more interesting. Interactive whiteboards are used as a touchpad where you can move the elements on the board (you can use a digital projector to show the images that you want). You can drag the items on a smart board, copy the text, and even write the notes, just by using your fingers. You can transform your notes into text as well and then later save them if you want to give them away to your students. This will help the students to concentrate and participate more in your lectures as they will not have to take notes in their textbooks. Interactive whiteboards increase communication between the teacher and students. It enhances collaboration, the participation of students and improves the learning process.

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2. E-Book Readers

Textbooks are an essential part of any classroom. Traditional textbooks are being sold by the millions, yet, since the past few years, the growth of EBooks cannot be ignored. Say what you will, it is hard not to acknowledge how much e-books have made our lives easier. They are the new and cost-effective way of an interactive learning environment. Although you can download eBooks on your laptops or tablet and can read them for your students, it is always better to have an eBook reader to make your work easier and more convenient. E-book reader, such as a Kindle, is designed especially for the sole purpose of reading digital e-books. There are many features that are provided in a kindle that will make reading and learning more interesting. An eBook reader is also a cheaper option as compared to books. With an e-book, students can also have access to every book that you are using in your lectures as not all books are available in the market. It is also very easy to share the notes and books with each other. On an e-book reader, you can use as many books as you like as they can never get out of stock and your students will not have to run from store to store to find that one book. E-books are portable, and you do not have to carry the extra luggage for books anymore. Check out Kindle Malaysia best prices and get your hands on one of the finest Kindle in the market.

3. 3D Printer

In case you do not know yet, a 3D printer makes solid objects that are three dimensional, just from a digital file or layers of any material. This process is called additive manufacturing, and it can change the way many subjects are being taught. The 3D printer is something that can relatively improve the teaching methodology and knowledge in domains of engineering, architecture, footwear designing, and fashion. It has now become a common gadget in many school classrooms and labs. With this printer, you do not need a lab to teach and explain anything to the students. You can do that by using the 3D printer. Introducing this 3D printing technology in the classroom will stimulate interactivity and engagement with your students, will spark creativity and innovation, promote problem-solving skills, and your students will learn to adopt a practical hands-on approach.

4. Smart Marker

If you do not like to carry around books to teach your students, SmartMarker is made for you. Most of the students are more comfortable with their teacher’s notes instead of bookish language. If you like to explain everything by drawing models and charts on the whiteboard, then a SmartMarker makes it all very easy. Such teaching methodology is also more interesting and ropes the students in constructive discussions. After the lecture is complete, students have to take pictures of the board or note down all of it, which can be annoying. Sure you can go for an Interactive Whiteboard, but not everyone can afford them. A SmartMarker is a very reasonable choice for many teachers. It captures everything, and you can easily share it with your students. Keep your notes organized and make them accessible to students through the cloud, Evernote, Dropbox or any other app.

5. STEAM Kits

STEAM kits are amazing for all the age groups. They create a portable learning experience in the classroom, and with the help of hands-on experiments, students get a better platform where they can learn about technology, math, science, engineering, designs, arts, and architecture. Each kit has guides, books, DVDs and relevant pieces of equipment such as digital microscopes and telescopes to aid the students in their learning.

These gadgets are revolutionizing the way classrooms operate and are making them more interactive and fun.

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