Street photography is a popular branch of photography, but not very easy. Everything moves constantly. A good street photographer can record daily life in such a way that you keep looking at it with fascination. But how do you make such a photo? And how do you stay unnoticed?
Invariably different things happen on the street that can be very beautiful and important for your reportage. Learn how to capture unpredictable situations beautifully!

Of course, in street photography, you can never plan what kind of photos you take. You actually just make a guess, but that spontaneity is what makes the images special. Is it a matter of luck if you take good pictures because of this? Not quite, you have to make the photos yourself by the right composition and exposure settings.

Street photography has no rules, but we do have some tips for you that make street photography a bit easier.

To observe
You must always be aware of everything that happens around you because you never know how beautiful you can capture this. Walk around as much as possible and do not stay at only one neighborhood, because then you will only encounter the same locations at a given time.

To be patient
'Patience is a good thing' is often said and in this case, it is true. It is not a bad thing to go all day for a photography adventure. In this way, you have seen a lot, and you have a lot to choose from. You probably made a lot of pictures, but that does not matter because there is a significant chance that you do not use them all.

To be quick
Acting as swiftly as possible is vital. Before you know it, something happens, and then you are not fast enough. Second chances are not very common in the case of street photography, so make sure you are quick. Do not put a camera in your camera bag after you have taken a few photos, but keep them in your hand. Be alert to thieves. Also make sure that your settings are in a semi-automatic state so that you do not have to change the settings for each photo.

Of course, you will have to deal with people who do not like the fact that you take pictures of them. Respect their privacy and delete the photos and let them watch. By allowing them to take a look, they themselves can also see that photos are really gone, and you get out of the way so quickly.

Put people at ease
If you meet someone you want to photograph, then first have a chat with this person to make them feel more comfortable. This way they are less tense and they agree faster with taking a few pictures. By showing the people the photos, there is also a higher chance that you can make more photos.

Published by Mudassar Ali