Do you often find yourself with lots of free time and nothing constructive to do? Well, if you are looking for a hobby, then knitting is a great option for you. This timeless skill has been passed down from generation to generation, hence it is one of the most favorite pass time activities for millions of people around the globe. So, if you think that needlework is a hobby reserved for your grandmother and her companions, think again. Knitting has gained a lot of popularity in recent times due to the amazing benefits it offers. So, here are some key reasons why you should really consider taking up knitting as a hobby:

1. It saves you money

One of the greatest benefits of knitting is that it doesn’t require a large initial investment. You can purchase high-quality and affordable knitting needles and yarn online by visiting This ensures that you are able to start your hobby right away without worrying about burning a hole in your pocket. By making your own winter wear such as hats, scarves, mittens and gloves, you will be saving a huge amount of money. If you have small children, you can knit blankets or shoals that they can use during the cold season.

2. It is excellent for making gifts

Are you attending a baby shower? Or is your mum’s birthday coming up soon? With knitting as your hobby, you’ll always have the perfect gift for any occasion. The best part about homemade gifts is that they have a unique personal touch which cannot be found anywhere else. Once you become more skilled in needlework, you will be able to create lovely patterns and fabulous designs, thereby enabling you to make dazzling personalized gifts such as sweaters, ponchos and even hot cup sleeves.

3. It is fun to do with friends and family

Do you and your friends always do the same boring activities whenever you meet? Why not start a knitting club where you’ll be able to make awesome pieces while enjoying lovely company. The amazing thing about knitting with others is that you’ll be able to work much faster and the task won’t be as laborious. So, put your phone down and turn the TV off so that you can begin bonding with friends and family as you happily knit away.

4. It improves brain function

Have you ever wondered why knitting is so addictive? This is because it stimulates your entire brain thereby making you alert and totally immersed in the activity. If you have been struggling with stress or low concentration, then knitting will definitely improve your cognitive abilities as well as your motor skills.

5. It can become a business

Knitting is an amazing hobby that can easily transition into a full time or part-time business. Since it requires a minimal start capital, you can begin right from the comfort of your home. Start by marketing your products to friends and family and very soon, you will see your client base grow. 

Published by Harris Scott