We all like to bag a bargain when buying things for the home but how often do you use the same process when buying for your business? Too often you simply go to the same suppliers and pay whatever they are charging.
For some items though it pays to shop around, and even ten minutes spent searching the web for alternative suppliers could save significant amounts. Over time you will get a feel for what suppliers are best to approach for a given product which will cut down your search time considerably. Paying attention to quality and features can also pay for itself in the long term with reduced replacement costs, and in extreme cases reduced personnel costs.

Certain products, such as PVC roll, can be bought directly from the manufacturer who will be able to give you a good deal on their product. They will also be able to offer advice on the most suitable product basing it on their expertise – a service a general industrial supply company may not be able to rival!


From modular plastic systems that push together in a matter of minutes to wood and metal structures capable of taking pallets of raw materials there are so many variations that you need to shop around. Even if you know for certain what you need you could save several pounds on each bay which, over an entire stockroom or warehouse could quickly add up to hundreds of pounds saved.

PVC Curtains

These versatile items, consisting of overlapping flaps of PVC roll, can be used instead of doors and walls to provide easy access whilst keeping separation between two areas – because of temperature differences, to keep insects out or simply to delimit different sections. Basic kits for standard applications such as freezer doors or warehouse exits are widely available but once you need something not quite standard it pays to contact the manufacturer directly as getting a tailored solution may save money overall.
Tool storage

There are as many different tools as there are ways to store them so you may think shopping around for tool storage solutions is simply a recipe for a bad headache. Getting it wrong could be a costly mistake if you find your chosen solution is inadequate for your workshop needs. Even if it only takes an extra 10 seconds to locate a specific tool, over the course of a day that could add up to several minutes of productive time lost.

Everywhere sells ladders and there are very few businesses that make no use of them at all. From basic stepladders for getting files from high shelves to folding ladders for travelling surveyors or long reach ladders for roof access getting the wrong ladder could mean an employee being unable to perform their job.
Again, the large variety of ladders means that there is price competition between suppliers and, by comparing a few web-pages and catalogues you can easily save tens of pounds on each ladder you buy.

Moving items safely requires the use of trolleys and choosing the correct style and features for your company will pay for itself in the long run. Lifting trolleys could allow some jobs to be undertaken by one person instead of two and convertible trolleys could mean you only need one trolley to meet your transportation needs.
The Bottom Line

Price isn't everything when looking to buy industrial items. Bear in mind ease of use and how often you will need to replace the item when comparing prices. 

Published by Ruby Daub