Ever thought of becoming a business manager?

Here are a few key tips I think are important to know based on my experience and the experience of others:


As a manager, you are the glue that holds the pieces together. It is important for you to uphold strict values and principles for yourself, as well as for your employees. 

Be consistent in how you handle business, how you deal with your employees, and how you facilitate your managerial responsibilities.

No one wants to work for a boss who is constantly changing the way they do things or who does not stand firm on their word. Integrity speaks volumes to those we work with and to those who work for us. Always remember that as the manager or owner of a company, you set the tone. 


Ever work for a boss or manager who knew nothing about how to manage people? I know I have.

The worse thing you could do as a manager or supervisor is disregard the value of people. They are your greatest resource. 

It is not an easy task to manage a workforce. People differ in personality, gender, race, background- you name it. A good manager understands that properly managing people yields great dividends, both for the company and its customers. Employees who feel valued at work produce better work.


A wise person learns the business they are in. What I mean by this is that if you work for a company in aerospace, real-estate, transportation, or construction- know the market. Always be knowledgeable about changes and trends in the business you are in. This will keep you from falling and lagging behind market and economic shifts and will instead give you a competitive edge against competitors. 


The cliche "change is inevitable" is evermore true in business. Technology changes, culture changes, the economy changes, and the market changes. Always stay active in educating yourself about new concepts, new ideas, and new approaches to better business practices, strategies, and improvements.  


The key word for business success is sustainability. 

A good manager is able to achieve a healthy balance of self-management among his or her employees and active management when necessary. Your employees should be receiving reviews, training and guidance from you. If your employees are not better at their jobs because of your guidance and leadership, you are doing something wrong. 

Always be thinking of ways to improve the business, and allow your employees to do the same. Strategies and projects should be put in place to sustain and improve business operations and functionality. 

Business failures can result from a number of situations, however, your range of influence should leave a positive impact on the company-one that profits the company, it's customers, and the bottom line. 



Have any tips for business managers? Leave your tips and advice below.

Thanks for reading!



Published by Crystal Ngumezi