Jolly music streams through speakers, the Christmas tree is up, adverts with snow and tummy-filling food appears on television and city centers are decorated with bright lights and tinsel. Yes, you've guessed it. All this  means one thing: the Christmas season has began again. For some, the prospect of this " 'tis the season to be jolly" puts a smile on their face and a warm glow in their hearts; and some might call you "the obsessed with Christmas person" or the "weird person who listens to Christmas music... in November. Who does that!?"  For others, this festive season is just another way to waste money, and they find it super cheesy (I'm the former!) Whatever your feelings may be, there are some lovely things about this holiday.


Now, I think generosity shouldn't be a 'l'll only be generous at certain times of the year' thing. Sometimes, it's easy to forget about making giving a habit and an all round the year thing. I know Christmas has become quite commericalised over the years. But, I think there's something positive and selfless about this act of giving, whether to family members, friends or the homeless.

Family Time 


What's Christmas without family and friends?  One of the great things about this festive season  is that there is plenty of time to spend with family and friends eating good food, playing games and just having a laugh before slipping  back into busy or not-so-busy routines. But, on a sad note, I know that there are many people who don’t have any loved ones or close friends. I really hope somehow your Christmas is filled with joy and love.



I don't know if this is just me- why does food taste a millions times better on Christmas day? The golden turkey, the crisp potatoes, the pigs in blankets, the countless tins of chocolates and boxes of shortbread biscuit- absolutely delicious!



I sometimes listen to Christmas music in the November (I mentioned this above). I know to some people this is an inexcusable crime. Well, I'm not ashamed! Christmas music, apart from the super sad ones, is so cheerful!

The Greatest Gift To The World

Christmas Crafts for Kids - Homemade,:

All these points add to the awesomeness of Christmas. However, there is one more thing that I can't leave out of this list and it's Jesus. I know that Christmas has  different connotations  for various people and that's okay. But for me the story of God coming down in human form for the entire world is powerful. The baby born to Mary and Joseph was just the start of an unparalleled act of love that still transforms people's lives today.  Personally, this is the loveliest thing about Christmas. This is what Christmas is all about. 

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