Let’s face it, for everyone out there, the most common place to spot a gravity conveyor roller at work is in the airport. Then again, without the help of gravity rollers, it would be rather hard to imagine a more successful security procedure as the belt ensures that all the luggage is rolled out in a timely manner.

That is the best thing about a gravity roller conveyor - not only does it work consistently all along, but it is also made up of relatively simple construction as well. Both of the aforementioned aspects are the main reasons for its universal appeal on the whole.

On that particular note, let’s take a good look at some of the main reasons for their overall efficiency:-

  • The aspect of cost-effectiveness: Here’s the vital aspect that most people out there tend to completely forget about - there is no actual power supply needed. That itself takes care of most of the problems in a jiffy.

    You’ll be surprised at just how much money you will end up saving on electricity itself. Conveyor rollers are not only cost-effective but work extremely efficiently as well.

  • The relative ease of installation: Here’s the thing about this particular type of conveyor system - it is really quite simple to set up, contrary to popular expectations. Apart from the aspect of easy installation, you can be sure of the fact that conveyor rollers are extremely reliable in every sense of the word, not to mention that they require only a basic level of maintenance.

  • The modular design: The overall modular design of the conveyor roller ensures that they can be used as well as fitted into a variety of different environments all across the board. And for all those of you still worrying about the space factor, rest assured that there is no cause for worry at all. A well-installed conveyor roller will be able to overcome that obstacle with relative ease.

  • It is easily attached to most powered systems: Since the gravity roller has a very simple design, it is quite compatible with a range of power systems. Not only can it be connected to larger systems quite easily, but there is also the fact that it is particularly ideal for those environments where packing is the primary task at hand.

  • Easy modification: Since the rollers are the main parts, you can be sure of the fact that they can be modified in several different ways with different types of curves and spurs as well. It would be advised to experiment a bit in this direction. Ultimately, you need to find whatever specific option works for you and your business.

Finally, gravity rollers are not only used in a wide and extensive range of many industrial environments (apart from the airports), but a lot of people tend to forget that conveyor roller can be configured for pretty much any kind of space in general.

Of course, that depends on the gravity conveyor service that you hire. In this case, it pretty much goes without saying that you need to do your homework thoroughly and figure all of it out. Once you zero in on the best possible service out there, you can start discussing all of your particular requirements and what do you want to be done specifically. Not only will they ensure that you get your hands on the best possible conveyor for your service, but you can always go back to them for solutions to any further problems.

Published by Sarah Williams