Do you want to own the latest gas heater in the market?

A gas heater is something that one needs and not one desires for, but you surely wish to own the latest and the most high-tech one.

Mistakes To Avoid

When it comes to buying the latest tech in the market, one of the most ignored concern that you might have is where to take it or whom to call if it breaks. That is not the only mistake that one makes before buying a gas heater, but rather many, such as:

  • Buying the one with the wrong fuel type

Make sure that the one you buy, runs on the fuel that you already have at your home because gas heaters are manufactured to run only on one fuel type. Choose LPG over natural gas as your gas heater’s fuel type because of two reasons:

  1. LPG has higher calorific value than natural gas, which simply means that less quantity is required to produce the same amount of heat
  2. LPG has a higher oxygen to gas ratio, which means small quantity of gas can produce more heat.

Beware! Don’t connect the wrong fuel type because it might be hazardous and deadly.

  • Choosing the wrong type of gas heater 

There are two major types of gas heaters, portable and flued. Then, they are further sub-categorised as radiant, convector, power-flued, radiant-convector, flued radiant and wall heaters.

Every different type of gas heater has different properties, though the ultimate goal is to produce heat, but there are differences like the following:

  1. Radiant keeps the people and the objects warm, heating like the Sun
  2. Convector uses air movements to warm the place

There are many other differences as well, but the major question is if you require a flued or unflued gas heater.

Know the answer to this before buying a gas heater for your place.

  • Choosing the wrong size

Size of the heater does not only mean the physical size of the unit, but also the size of the area that will be heated by it in a fixed period of time. Still, the physical size of the unit is also important because it shall fit the area that you want the heater to be installed at.

Before buying the heater, check out its heating output i.e. the area that will be heated by it, so basically, its capacity because it is highly important, as you might buy a small heater and it’s of no use or spend a lot on a big one, when you don’t even want such a size for your place.


  • Don’t pay more than what is its value

The value of the gas heater depends mostly on the features and its capacity, but the price also varies vendor to vendor, which is why, it is important for you to look around a few places before buying a gas heater. The price varies on the following features:

  1. Size of the unit
  2. Capacity of the unit
  3. Model number (latest or old)
  4. Number of features in the gas heater
  5. Type of gas heater
  • What to do for repairs

This is usually not something that many people concern themselves with, but it should be. Maybe you’re buying a technology when you are out of town and it is something that your local repair shops cannot even repair, if it gets broken or stops working. So, you need to keep all the possibilities in mind because it may sound easy to get it repaired outside your town, but it sure isn’t.

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Warm your place with a consistent and comfortable heat-producing device i.e. a well-designed gas heater.

Published by Sarah Williams