A maternity hospital is a healthcare facility, offering medical services to pregnant women. They also take care of new born infants as well as the mother after childbirth. Choosing a maternity hospital is an important affair because the hospital will take care of the new born and the mother at the most critical stage. Your first visit to a maternity hospital will often occur during the end of your 1st trimester. This occurs between 10 to 14 weeks of your pregnancy. No doubt, this visit will be an exciting time for you and your partner, as the outcome of the pregnancy will seem very real.

While your visit to pregnancy hospital, will take you on the first meeting with doctors and midwives, who will overlook your pregnancy, it can also give you an insight into the progression of your pregnancy.

While looking for the best maternity hospital in Mumbai, you should consider how far is it from home and the time taken to travel. One should also compare the prices between various hospitals, so that one is not cheated. Most importantly you should check the ability of the medical staff i.e. the nurses and doctors. Also find out about the various facilities offered by the hospital.

5 major services available at a maternity hospital are as follows-

Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) - It is a very important facility and should be present in all quality maternity hospitals. In special cases child is born before its due date i.e. it's a pre mature delivery, Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) plays a very important role in the survival of such premature babies. These units have specialized equipment such as feeding tubes, incubators, phototherapy lights, respiratory monitors and cardiac monitors. Furthermore, the staff is also trained to handle premature babies and give them special care.

Access to a blood bank - The mother might bleed excessively after giving birth to the baby, or the new born might require blood donation immediately after birth. In such cases the hospital's connection to a blood bank is vital. You should check that your blood type is available or not.

Hygiene - Women's and children's hospitals should be very clean and hygienic. The linens should be changed regularly, delivery rooms and wards should be cleaned and sanitized regularly, and most importantly medical equipment should be effectively sterilized. Meals provided by the hospital should be hygienically prepared. Ensure that the meals are healthy and good for both the mother and the newborn.

Ambulance service - It is an important service provided by maternity hospitals. In case of a major mishap during the delivery process, the hospital transfers the patient to a bigger hospital that has medical equipment’s and staff trained to deal with such emergencies.

Power bank - 100% power back up is very important in such hospitals. In case of a power cut, the hospital should function without any interruptions, i.e. the incubators should continue to receive electricity. Certain medications require to be constantly refrigerated; hence a power bank is an important facility.

The maternity hospital in Chennai will offer all of the above facilities to a patient's satisfaction.


Published by Lena Burkut